Students Should Have ‘Kept Their Stupid Mouths Shut And Enjoyed It,’ Says Teacher Sean Kane Of Those Involved In Sex Allegations Against His Colleagues

Sean Kane, a high school art teacher, allegedly posted Facebook comments that have caused him to be placed on paid leave. The comments reportedly condone sexual relations between teachers and students.

Kane is an educator at the same school in West Covina where two female teachers had recently been arrested on suspicions of sexual involvement with students.

Two female teachers accused of engaging in sexual relations with students, Image via People
Two female teachers accused of engaging in sexual relations with students, Image via People

The Facebook post, which has since been taken down, was in reference to the students who came forward about the alleged inappropriate relationship with teachers Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30. A school district official, however, has confirmed the wording of the post, as the Los Angeles Times notes.

“[Students should have] kept their stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it. All I want to know is what the f— is in the heads of the dudes who banged these ladies and then squealed?”

Michelle Van Der Linden, spokeswoman for the Covina Valley Unified School District, said that Kane’s posted comments were “unbecoming of a teacher, adding that it was inappropriate of him to condone the teachers’ behavior.”

Van Der Linden spoke with NBC News, emphasizing that “[w]e can’t dictate what somebody is going to put on their own personal Facebook page, but at the same time we would expect teachers to be professional.”

Kane taught earlier in the week up until Wednesday. When the school district was made aware of the inappropriate content in the post, they proceeded to investigate while the South Hills High teacher was sent on paid leave.

Lippert and Ghirelli were arrested Saturday, after being accused of arranging an overnight trip to a San Clemente beach, where they allegedly had sex with students, based on reports from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The beach trip was not a school organized or sponsored event.

The two female educators were released on bail on Sunday, and as of Thursday, had not had charges filed against them by the Orange County district attorney’s office.

Students have reacted strongly to the actions that have been taken against Kane by beginning a #FreeKane campaign in order to put an end to his ban from the school’s campus. Taking to Twitter on Thursday following the action by the district, the students made their views of the teacher known and how much he is appreciated by the students at South Hills High.

Since the events of the arrest and the actions taken against Kane, Van Der Linden has indicated that the district is in the process of creating a phone-in hotline for the students to report any “uncomfortable” situations anonymously.

“They are going to get through this. They are going to pull through.”

Sean Kane declined a request for comment.

[Feature image via NY Daily ]