Kim Zolciak’s Singing Career: Demetria McKinney Weighs In On Her Songs

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has shared many things on the show, including her interesting relationship to Big Poppa, her struggles as a single mother, her desire to eat pizza while getting treatment for weight loss, and even her dreams of becoming a country music star. On the show, Kim paid for music lessons for her daughters, but she was clearly the one who wanted the big career. Zolciak even had the country hat and boots.

But Kim Zolciak’s goals changed when she actually had the opportunity to record a single and get up on stage to perform, thanks to help from Kandi Burruss. Zolciak’s singing journey was one that many people saw, and now, established singer and performer Demetria McKinney is weighing in on Zolciak’s singing career.

According to a new Bravo report,The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is getting full support from Demetria when it comes to singing. Demetria is a professional performer, and she does have a few projects to her name. But that doesn’t mean that she is judging Zolciak’s performances.

“I’m aware of [Kim Zolciak’s] ‘Tardy to the Party.’ I’m aware of [Porsha Williams’] ‘Flatline.’ I am aware of all of these different things that have come and kudos to those who have made it work for them,” Demetria reveals, adding, “NeNe and I may not be besties, but I can definitely respect what she’s been able to do with the platform.”

“Now, as for these singers. Do you, but don’t be intimidated when I do me. Soulja Boy is a little bit different than Drake. That’s all I can say,” Demetria added, calling herself Drake and calling the housewives singers, including Kim, Soulja Boy.

“You know, there is a market for everybody. I’m not one to come here and say, ‘Move, there ain’t no room for you,'” she continued, adding, “But I know you can’t do me like I do me. And I’m confident in who I am as a vocalist, a performer, and a person so I think that makes me stand in a different lane than, I’m just gonna say, what Porsha does.”

Of course, Kim Zolciak may not have wanted the big career that Demetria is currently in the hunt for. According to the Inquisitr, Kim has revealed that she has no additional music coming, and that she actually really enjoys the title of being a one-hit wonder.

As for the singing in the Zolciak home, it appears that her son KJ has taken after his mother. Last year, Kim shared a video of her son singing Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” on Instagram. While Kim isn’t planning anymore songs, singing is clearly still a fun hobby in the home.

What do you think of Demetria’s thoughts regarding Kim Zolciak’s singing career?

[Image via All About TRH]