Reality Show Star Farrah Abraham Confirms New Projects - Is 'Teen Mom' Included?

Reality show star Farrah Abraham has been busy with many different endeavors, but it looks like she is ready to turn to reality television. While she has spent some time working in the adult entertainment industry, she recently revealed that she is working on "several projects" for many different networks.

Farrah is currently in Las Vegas and, while there, she spoke to the Nevada Review Journal. It was with them that she confirmed she is working with several networks for a plethora of potential projects. Interestingly, Farrah named the networks and, because of that, it is easy to get a hint as to what she may be filming. She talked about the "possible TV work" and cited networks, "from, like, NBC, to MTV, to E!, VH1."

For VH1, the reality show star will likely be returning to Couples Therapy. The show is bringing back past celebrities for the new season and it appears that Farrah will likely be one of them. According to Wetpaint, the reality show star seemingly confirmed her appearance for the upcoming season via Twitter. She tweeted that she needed her "Farrapy" and the doctor replied that she "couldn't wait for it either."

As for E!, Farrah Abraham may appear on Botched. The reality show star hinted that she may appear on the show regarding her recent plastic surgery mishap. While attempting to get lip implants, she had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and it caused an adverse reaction. Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that Farrah will appear on The Doctors, where she will talk about her mishap.

When she mentions work with MTV, most fans assume that the reality show star is talking about a return to Teen Mom. However, that may not be the case. While her former co-stars are returning for a fifth season of the show, Farrah revealed that she would not be back. Despite that, MTV was filming with her recently, but it is unclear for what project. The network joined the reality show star at a gentlemen's club where she had been working. There is no indication that MTV is filming for a sixth season of Teen Mom just yet and with the fifth season set to air next month, the network may have been catching up with her for a solo special.

Farrah revealed to the Nevada Review Journal that she is taking her projects slow, though.

"I just can't rush things, because I'm handling and juggling a lot of stuff currently. I think God has His own timing, and perfect timing, for that."
The reality show star will be back on TV at some point this year, it is just not yet clear when and where.

[Image: via Twitter]