‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Can David Help Emily Be Amanda Clarke Again?

After everything that Emily has done and all that has happened on Revenge, can Emily Thorne go back to being Amanda Clarke? Well, her father seems to want her to, if what he gives her in this next episode, “Kindred,” is any indication.

But that’s not all that’s going on in this next Revenge episode. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Louise’s brother has already come to town, and Elena Satine, who plays Louise, is now a series regular. She’s going to be sticking around, and since she has now become Nolan’s wife on Revenge, it’s time for her to start meeting the other people in his life. She recently met Emily, and with this next episode showing her and Nolan’s wedding reception (and featuring more of her family, which can’t be a good thing), it’s the perfect time to meet the rest of her husband’s friends. It seems very likely that this is when she meets Jack, Satine told TV Line.

“[Louise is] about to meet Jack, which should be really fun. I wonder what they have in store; I really don’t know.”

While on the subject of Jack, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s any hope for him and Emily. While Nick Wechsler has told TVLine he’s going to try to keep something happening between Ben and Emily (who agreed to start over following Ben’s involvement in saving her and Victoria from Malcolm Black and the revelation that he knows the truth), that doesn’t mean something’s going to happen between Jack and Emily right away. That doesn’t mean that one of them isn’t ready to take that step.

“We weren’t going to push that. Jack’s been hanging back, waiting for her to feel ready, but he’s been into her this whole time. We’re slowly getting there…. In an episode we just shot, there are some larger strides made in that direction.”

Returning focus to this next Revenge episode, Emily and David are finally going to get to spend some time together – and they don’t even have to leave the Hamptons to do so, as they had been planning before Malcolm Black kidnapped her and Victoria. Zimbio has posted a sneak peek, showing David giving Emily a late birthday gift after she helps him pick out a tie for his first party in 20 years.

“I’ve missed out on so much of your life,” he tells his daughter.

“Well, we finally have the time to make up for it,” she assures him.

He starts with that birthday gift, the one he missed a few days ago, her real birthday she hasn’t celebrated in forever. He gives his daughter her birth certificate, and offers to do something for her that she’s already done for him.

“Maybe it’s time to change that, to be Amanda again, reclaim the life that we lost so many years ago. You helped clear my name. Now, I’m allowed to be in the open, and I’ve never been happier. Let me do the same for you.”

However, someone’s watching them. Who is it? Watch the Revenge sneak peek below and start guessing.

Also, check out the promo below to see more of Margaux’s desire to expose Emily for who she is after what happened to Daniel and now that she knows she’s Amanda Clarke.

Revenge Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]