NeNe Leakes Has Her Granddaughter In Heels: 'I Have Already Introduced Her To The Neiman Marcus'

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes has been labeled as a very materialistic person by her co-stars, as she is always obsessed about what she has. NeNe always claims that the other ladies want what she has, whether she is referring to her closet or her career. But it appears that Leakes is now pushing this materialistic personality onto her granddaughter, Bri'Asia.

Now that this grandmother can go shopping with her grandchild, Nene Leakes is already out introducing the young toddler to various shops around the city. And it sounds like this toddler loves hanging out with her grandmother, as NeNe recently shared some pictures of her granddaughter running around in her belongings.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes posted a picture showing off her grandchild sporting some serious kicks. When Leakes came home from a trip and started unpacking, Bri'Asia was quick to jump into her grandmother's heels and strut around in them.

"Nothing is better than me coming home and having my little helper help me unpack my suit case and try on my shoes," Nene Leakes revealed as a caption to the picture, which she shared on Instagram.

But the passion for the shoes doesn't stop there. When she was born, NeNe was quick to plan out what they would be doing together, which included shopping at the expensive stores in Atlanta, New York, and other major cities.

"I can't wait until she gets a little bit bigger, I have already introduced her to the Neiman Marcus kid's department. She's ready to go shopping at any time," NeNe Leakes revealed when she was born, adding, "I never had a girl and I'm excited about her."

Of course, NeNe Leakes can find some great joy in her granddaughter, as she has plenty of bad things to deal with. This week, Leakes was slammed for stealing Tees in the Trap's "Girl Bye" for her t-shirts. NeNe revealed a t-shirt line just a few weeks ago, but it sounds like she is being accused of stealing the statement.

In addition, NeNe's son has been jailed for violating his probation, according to the Inquisitr. On previous seasons, NeNe Leakes and her husband tried to warn their son about the dangers of skipping school, running the streets, and not having a structured home. Now, he is doing all of the things that she feared.

What do you think about NeNe Leakes' treatment of her daughter? Do you think it is fun, or do you think it could have some serious complications down the road?

[Image via Bravo]