Lindsay Lohan Headed To Jail? Troubled Actress Fails Community Service Again

Lindsay Lohan could be headed to jail again after reports have surfaced that she has failed at community service once more. TMZ reports that her lawyer will be going to court for her next week over this failure to comply with her sentencing, which stems from a 2012 reckless driving case.

TMZ says that her attorney will be using what is called a “mosquito defense” when facing the judge, but what does that mean? It apparently has a lot to do with her recent illness, which is an incurable virus contracted through a mosquito bite.

TMZ writers don’t appear to think the mosquito defense is going to carry much water in court. That’s because she was in Bora Bora on vacation when she contracted the illness, and not completing her community service like she should have been doing. There’s also the fact that Lindsay is known for making excuse after excuse for failing to comply with court orders. From 2009 to 2013, her excuses have ranged from losing her passport to missing flights. All of these missed court dates and other infractions could stack up against her in court, especially if a judge doesn’t agree with the reason given by her attorney for her latest mess-up.

Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal problems have been publicly documented for years, with a growing collection of mugshots to show Lindsay’s growth and struggles. If her attorney is not successful at her upcoming court date, then she may end up adding another mugshot to that collection — which is tragic since she appears to be serious about cleaning up her life this time around.

Lohan’s recent excuse regarding the mosquito illness she contracted in Bora Bora may not be the best excuse, but it’s likely a serious one. Lohan was recently hospitalized due to the high fever and joint pain caused by the virus that she caught from mosquitoes during her tropical holiday vacation. SheKnows reports that Lindsay’s virus is rare but appears to be spreading, though it probably won’t become a problem in the U.S. Chikungunya is an extremely painful virus that means “to become contorted” in the Kimakonde native language. That should describe the excruciating pain that comes with the swelling of the joints and the high fever. The virus reportedly left Lindsay in so much pain recently that she was unable to walk. So it would indeed be extremely difficult to complete community service while battling a rare and exotic virus that leaves one temporarily disabled.

[Photo: Kaboom]