WWE: Roman Reigns Humiliating Smackdown Moment May Be End Of ‘WrestleMania’ Hopes

Roman Reigns has come under fire since the Shield broke up. Fans regularly rip him for a perceived lack of mic skills and a limited in-ring move set.

Still, WWE has repeatedly stood by Reigns, with plans of putting the title on him at WrestleMania 31.

However, a humiliating mic gaffe that occurred at the latest SmackDown taping may be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, thus burying the WrestleMania anointed one once and for all.

Just what did Reigns say that would make the entire company face-palm and draw up a new main event?

Well, according to reports from individuals who were at the taping, he said Andre the Giant “never referred to himself as a giant” while cutting a promo directed at the Big Show.

The comment drew immediate guffaws, retweets, and reddit comments with fans speculating that perhaps Vince McMahon will have to take over writing Roman Reigns’ promos personally if he ever wants to ingratiate the character to fans and make him a major player.

Others wrote that they were hoping the reports were a joke, but when confirmed that they weren’t, had this to say.

“Remember how great ‘the strong and silent one’ Roman Reigns was? I’m starting to forget.”

“Perhaps these awful promos are Vince testing Roman’s ability or punishing Roman for something. Think about it: 90% of the roster has their promos completely scripted but no one comes close to having their promos as bad as Roman.”

On the squaredcircle subreddit, there were hundreds of comments having a field day at Reigns’ expense.

Some shared multiple instances of where Andre the Giant — one of the company’s most revered and recognizable legends — referred to himself as a giant (aside from the fact that “giant” is actually in the name that he answered to professionally).

“I don’t want to be a champion, I’m just happy being a giant. — Andre the Giant”

Why is this such a big deal? Critics will point out that Roman Reigns is the future face of the company, and the promo proves that he doesn’t understand some of the most basic history.

When coupled with the aforementioned criticisms, and the fact fans have been more supportive of Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and several others from the new crop of talent, botching a WWE 101 line like this isn’t indicative that he’s ready to carry the company on his shoulders.

But what do you think, readers? Is this much ado about nothing, or has Roman Reigns talked himself out of the company’s top slot?