‘Super Mario World’: Guy Uses Almost Impossible Credits Warp To Beat Game In World Record Time

Super Mario World is one of the most beloved video games in history, but it is one that can bring a lot of frustration and can also be very time consuming. Well, one gamer has actually figured out how to do an almost impossible glitch that allowed him to beat the game in world record time.

SethBling, as he’s known on YouTube, is a competitive speedrunner in the video game world. He simply plays games and attempts to finish them in as little time as possible. There is a lot that goes into doing this, and it’s not just as simple as getting “good at the game.”

The Huffington Post UK reported that SethBling actually puts a lot of thought, time, and complex coding into his speed runs. That’s exactly what he did in using the “Credits Warp” for Super Mario World to defeat it in less than six minutes.

Now, that speed run is a world record for a non-emulator session as he defeated the game just using a console.

By watching the video, SethBling explains the Credits Glitch in Super Mario World in depth while doing it, and there is so much that needs to be done.

It may seem tedious while watching the video, but the things he does are needed to actually rewrite the code of the game. While he never goes behind-the-scenes in the coding of the game, the things he does in it are what end up rewriting it.

Being able to pull off the glitch by knowing enough about it and executing it exactly as needed seems virtually impossible, but it’s not. You need to have played the game enough to study the intricacies and figure out how the code was written without hacking into it.

This is all while taking into account the effect that the actions of the player have on the way the Super Nintendo (or any console) and the game communicate with one another.

UPDATE: Since posting the original video of a sub-six minute run of Super Mario World, SethBling has completed and even faster time of 4:49:8 which can be seen on TwitchTV.

Super Mario World is a game that brings a lot of fun and enjoyment to people, still today. It may not be something you want to want to speed through using the Credits Warp, but SethBling has proven that it can be done, and it’s quite insane to watch happen.

[Image via YouTube]