‘Super Mario’ Speed Run Beats ‘The Lost Levels’ In 30 Minutes! [Video]

A new Super Mario speed run shows The Lost Levels being beaten in just over 30 minutes. The video from DamageBoost on YouTube contradicts the theory Japanese developers had that their version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was too difficult for U.S. gamers.

The Lost Levels is the real Super Mario 2, a fact which didn’t seem relevant until a re-release of the Mario games hit the United States. What we originally called SMB 2 was actually a game called Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters thrown in. The feel of the game in the United States threw a lot of gamers off because it felt so unusual to have Mario and Luigi control differently, though it did give us our first chance to play as the Princess and Toad.

This combination of characters wasn’t playable again until Mario Party and Super Smash Bros., a fighting game exclusively available on Nintendo consoles.

It seems according to the video, recorded using Twitch under the username GameJ06, that someone actually did decide to prove Japan wrong about their version of SMB 2. The result is the above video showing the Super Mario speed run in less time than most of us took to beat the original Super Mario Bros.

According to Big John, the guy with the controller, the featured game does a few things that the other two games in the Super Mario Bros. trilogy don’t. Luigi does jump higher and float, which is why he played the speed run as Luigi.

John explains that another big difference is that you have to collect your extra lives early, and proceeds to use a jump trick on a turtle shell at the very beginning to do just that.

The ease with which Big John plays through this Super Mario speed run is remarkably perfect, so you can tell he’s played the game quite a lot, even though he confesses that he’s nervous about doing it right.

What was your best time playing through The Lost Levels, A.K.A. the real Super Mario Bros. 2?

[Image via Super Mario Games Fan]

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