WWE News: WWE Legend Kevin Nash Very Bitter Toward WWE Over Suspending Him

WWE Legend Kevin Nash is not a happy camper right now. As we know by now, Nash was suspended by WWE due to a domestic violence charge following an altercation at his home with his son. Once the charges came out, WWE instantly suspended Nash, who is currently under a Legends Deal with the WWE. WWE set new guidelines regarding domestic violence charges in the wake of Ray Rice’s domestic violence troubles.

Rice was a former NFL running back for the Baltimore Ravens. The NFL was literally going with every possible bad move regarding the situation, and more domestic issues kept coming out. In order to avoid such troubles, WWE added a policy that once domestic charges were out, they would suspend any talent. If the charges were dropped, so would the suspension. If they remained, WWE would then consider keeping the person under a contract or not.

In the case of Nash, the charges were dropped, so his suspension was ultimately lifted. This worked out well, as it allowed Nash to appear on the WWE RAW Reunion Show this past week. However, Nash is not happy about being suspended by the WWE.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the tension is not so much over the suspension itself, but how it was all handled. Nash went to Twitter, prior to being on WWE RAW, telling people that he may never appear in the WWE again. This was probably coming from a place of hurt. He wanted to be on the RAW Reunion Show and was, at that point, unable to do so. He may have pleaded his case to WWE, but their policy was their policy. It couldn’t be lifted for anyone unless charges were dropped.

So WWE had their hands tied when it came to Nash. However, we do not know how everything went down or know what is bothering him.

This was a big issue with Nash and WWE, however, things were smoothed over somewhat to get him on WWE RAW. It is thought that if Triple H was not running things a bit more, Nash may not have appeared.

As we are all were aware, Nash and Triple H are good friends and have been for years.

There was a lot of talk over having Nash in the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame, which was noted in the TMZ report over Nash’s domestic incident by his lawyer. Nash clearly knows of WWE’s plans, but will they stick to them? That is unclear.

Nash is still not happy about the entire situation, and may not accept going into the Hall as a result. It is currently unknown what Nash will do. As a result of this, we may not see Nash for a while. WWE can’t really use him a ton anymore, seeing as he cannot pass the medical exams to wrestle. As such, it won’t be a total loss for WWE to not have him. However, if he chooses to not be in the WWE Hall of Fame this year, they will have to replace him with another name. Who that would be is unknown.

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