Arrow Mid-Season Premiere: Will The New Black Canary Use ‘Canary Cry’? [Spoilers]

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the CW series Arrow and discussion about characters which could prove spoiler-ish to those who haven’t watched the latest episode or previous seasons.

If that’s you, you may want to skip this article!

Arrow returned to the CW on Wednesday with the semi-thrilling mid-season premiere episode “Left Behind.”

There are many things that fans of Arrow will no doubt be discussing after coming back from one heck of a cliffhanger.

The first half of the season ended with Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, falling off the side of a snowy cliff — but not before having a very sharp sword shoved through his midsection.

Many wanted to know if The Arrow was really dead, as much as his worried family and friends back in Starling City.

With Oliver being inexplicably rescued by an old friend, it appears we have our answer.

However, some of us may be freaking out about something entirely different.

At the end of the premiere episode of the Arrow, we get to see Laurel Lance step into the role as the second Black Canary.

For fans of Arrow who are unfamiliar with DC comic characters, her sister, Sara, is their Canary and it’s going to be a hard act to follow.

The rest of us knew this was coming and have been waiting with bated breath.

Also an important distinction: In the comics, Laurel replaced her mother, who was the original Black Canary.

This Canary is one of the most important women superheroes in all of comic book history so yes, as a fan of Black Canary (Laurel Lance), I was hoping they would do right by the character.

I’m very excited — for a few reasons.

First, it’s clear that this Black Canary is going to be a full-time crime fighter. She’ll be a tough-as-nails prosecutor by day, and butt-kicking vigilante by night. Sounds like an awesome addition to the Arrow/Flash crime-stopping family of heroes.

Then there’s the fact that it feels like she’s going to be her own character, with an important role in the show this half of the season. Watching Black Canary/Laurel Lance, watching my Black Canary get pushed to the background and have her character development neglected for tween romance storylines was painful.

Now it seems like it will be the Black Canary’s time to shine on the Arrow.

Which brings me to the title of the post and that thing that I’m currently vibrating in my chair with excitement about: The Canary Cry.

In the comics, the Black Canary had a superpower known as the “Canary Cry”, a supersonic cry that can stun her foes. It may sound mild, but at its strongest, it can make metal shatter and do severe damage to her enemies.

It’s her signature power and some of wanted to know if it this Black Canary would have that ability in some form on Arrow.

That seemed to have been answered at the very end of Arrow when Black Canary confronted a pair of bad guys. The windows of their vehicle shattered and they covered their ears in response to a high-pitched sound.

It looked and sounded a lot like “Canary Cry.”

I believe that in addition to her training, this ability will help make the new Canary a needed and formidable ally to the Arrow on the show.

Because let’s face it: There aren’t any other women heroes in the DC television universe right now.

I for one would love it if Arrow did justice to perhaps one of the most important superheroines in the DC universe after Wonder Woman—a character who sadly is only just now making her debut on the big screen.

Did you see the Arrow mid-season premiere? What did you think of it?

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