UFC Star Dave Herman Tased By Cops During Traffic Stop [Video]

Police tased ex-UFC fighter Dave Herman following a traffic stop in Indiana, and he now faces multiple felonies arising from the incident.

His wife Madeleine — who maintains that the cops overreacted to the whole thing — posted a video of the Monday morning arrest to YouTube.

See embed below and draw your own conclusions.

Herman, 30, evidently got off on the wrong foot, as it were, with cops for not pulling over immediately on I-69 south and also for repeatedly demanding three forms of ID after being detained, which he claims is required by law. Herman, with his wife and infant son in the vehicle, kept driving for about three miles until stopping at a well-lit gas station.

Listed at 6’4” and 234 pounds, Herman has an MMA record of 22-6 in the heavyweight class. He last fought for the Titan promotion on May 16, 2014, winning a unanimous decision in a three-round bout. He was released by the UFC in 2013 after four straight losses.

In the video, Madeline insists that the couple was experiencing car trouble and were displaying their hazard lights, while cops apparently claim that the car was speeding down the highway with no lights.

Apparently the DeKalb County Sheriff’s police report is no longer posted on its Facebook page, but according to the MMA Mania website, the report states as follows.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver, David Herman, refused to stop and led Officers in a 2 ½ -3 mile pursuit. David Herman exited the 334 mile marker exit and drove west on US Highway 6 before stopping at a gas station. David exited his vehicle and approached Officers in an aggressive manner. David was given multiple warnings to get on the ground and failed to comply. David had to be tased in order to be taken into custody. An infant and adult female were also present in the vehicle.”

Dave Herman is charged with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, battery against law enforcement, and neglect of a dependent, all of which are felonies.

Madeline strongly disputes that her husband acted aggressively toward the officers. “Dave, not wanting armed strangers walking up behind the vehicle, especially with our infant son in tow, stepped out of the vehicle and asked them if there was something he could help them with.”

Mrs. Herman also thinks the cops on the scene of the Dave Herman arrest should be charged with assault, TMZ reports.

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