Teenage Boys Blow Up Dog With Fireworks, Share Footage Of Cruel Prank On Social Media [Video]

Cruelty against animals is a growing epidemic with the evolution of social media. There have been many cases where animal abusers have taken pictures and filmed horrific incidents involving the mistreatment of animals. Now, another video has surfaced online. While the abusers may have just viewed the act as a cruel prank, the horrific incident took a fatal turn with the shocking death of an innocent dog.

According to Mail Online, the video surfaced online Jan. 20. The horrific video chronicled what turned out to be the last two minutes of the dog’s life. The video starts off with the four teen boys, presumably ages 15 to 17, tying fireworks to the dog’s back and legs. Throughout the video they can be heard laughing as they secure the explosives to the poor dog’s malnourished body.

They make several attempts to ignite the fireworks but are unsuccessful. Unfortunately, they found an effective way to set off the explosives. As the camera moves out, you can see the teen boys scrambling to get away from the dog as the explosives begin producing smoke. The dog disappears in the haze of smoke and then the thunderous explosion erupts, killing the poor dog.

The teens may have gotten away with the crime if they hadn’t taken things a step further by uploading the horrific footage to social media. The disturbing video left many viewers outraged. Once the video began circulating, it was reported to local authorities who managed to track its origin. However, the penalty the boys suffered has sparked yet another debate.

While many avid animal lovers see a $91.00 fine and community service as a slap on the wrist for murdering a dog, others feel the crime doesn’t denote jail time or staggering consequences. Surprisingly, many viewers who were outraged by the dog’s death even expressed how they’d like to retaliate against the teens. Needless to say, the comments were quite harsh. But, of course, the words of retaliation also sparked a debate about hypocrisy in regards to violence.

“These pieces of FILFTH need the same thing done to them. Sick sociopaths. RIP poor little dog. I feel physically sick!!! [sic]”

“I would give every penny of my savings to shoot every single one of those lads in the face.”

“I can’t even get my head around how someone can do such a cruel thing, I feel sick. I’d love to see how they’d like fireworks strapped to them. Horrendous.”

“The dog was a stray, possibly with rabies.”

“What they did there was cruel and wrong but all you people commenting saying they deserve to die a slow painful death because of it, really need to evaluate their moral code it makes you sound more barbaric than them!”

“It’s such a shame that some people think the death of 20 or so humans is a fair and exact punishment for the killing of one dog. don’t get me wrong it sickens me what they’ve done but it sickens me more to think what some of you people may to them as a result! [sic]”

According to Express, a petition has also been launched on YouSignAnimals.org following the dog’s death. The petition is reportedly addressed to Honduras Attorney General Oscar Fernando Chinchilla Banegas, asking for stiffer punishments where animal cruelty is concerned.

What do you think of the punishment the teenage boys received for blowing up the dog? Should animal cruelty be taken more seriously? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Dog Wallpapers]