Prior Lake, Minnesota: Dad Goes On YouTube And Calls Out Daughter’s Snapchat Bullies

A dad in Prior Lake, Minnesota, has seen his video on YouTube go viral after he called out the kids being bullies to his daughter. The children were bullying his daughter via Snapchat and he even has the evidence to support it, along with voicemails left by the bullies. Brad Knudson simply took to YouTube and let the kids have it.

First of all, Knudson wanted to explain the situation.

“We have a very beautiful African American daughter that we were very fortunate enough to adopt 11 years ago. We’ve dealt with a little bit of racism, you know, stares, things like that when she calls us mom or dad, but she didn’t notice so we just blew it off because it was directed towards us.”

Per My Fox Twin Cities, Knudson says that the bullying really got bad around New Year’s when it went further than just backhanded comments.

A pair of twin high school freshman girls from Prior Lake High School sent his daughter some Snapchat messages, knowing that the insults would disappear quickly. His daughter’s friend was with her and then brought the situation to Knudson.

A fourth Snapchat bullying session was recorded by Knudson and his wife and the girl in it calls his daughter “such a slut, a n*****,” and then a “fast a** b****.” This was more than her father could stand.

Knudson contacted the parents of the twins and left voicemails for them on their home phone number. He even went over to their home to speak with their parents, but he could never get in touch with them.

The next step was to go to the police and officials at Prior Lake High School spoke to the girls and their parents. Knudson received the cell phone number of the twins’ father, Deron Puro, and he wasn’t very concerned with the situation as per his voicemail.

“Yeah, Brad, tides have turned, huh? I guess you’re a n***** lover. Call me back.”

Brad Knudson then called back Puro back and advised him of the video he was going to make. Puro apparently was fine with that.

The full video of Brad Knudson’s YouTube video calling out his daughter’s bullies can be seen at this link. Please let it be known that the video is about six minutes long and does have some very strong language in it, so it’s not really safe for work (NSFW).

Bullying has become a serious situation in the United States and Knudson did not want to just let the situation go.

“I just had to get this off my chest, I just don’t know what to do, other than say I love my daughter and I don’t want her committing suicide because of this.”

Once word of the video came out, the high school in Prior Lake, Minnesota, issued a statement saying they are aware of the YouTube video and will “not tolerate racism, harassment, or bullying of any kind.” They do currently have an ongoing investigation in the situation of the bullying and the dad that took to the Internet to call out his daughter’s bullies.

[Image via YouTube]