President Obama’s Full State Of The Union Speech Gets 400K YouTube Views [Video]

Chiefly, the speech spelled out the president’s vision for his final two years in the oval office, seeking areas for consolidation on certain viewpoints with Republicans, along with speaking about using greater force to battle ISIS. The address covered education issues, childcare concerns, tax breaks for the middle class, raising the minimum wage and taxing the rich.

YouTube videos such as “Obama Silences Hecklers” are also gaining plenty of ground and views, with that one sitting at nearly 200,000 views on YouTube as of this writing. As reported by the Inquisitr, Obama’s epic burn came during an impromptu moment when certain members of the audience began clapping as the Commander-in-Chief spoke of his final term nearing an end. President Obama quickly shot back that he had no more campaigns to run because he already successfully won two of them – a move that drew more applause and laughter than the initial round of clapping that tried to disparage the president.

Other folks were more focused on First Lady Michelle Obama’s dress, and how FLOTUS draws inspiration from shows like The Good Wife when thinking of her wardrobe.

The White House, meanwhile, released the full State of the Union YouTube video on – as well as releasing the full speech (no doubt missing that “epic burn” impromptu moment) – approximately five minutes prior to the State of the Union speech being delivered, as reported by NBC’s Chuck Todd.

The Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address was delivered in both English and Spanish, however, as reported by MSNBC, the reply sent mixed messages since the English version made no mention of immigration reform whilst the Spanish version of the Republican response to the SOTU speech included a line about working with the president on immigration reform.

Folks are also talking about Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s response speech, which mentioned the need to slip plastic bread bags over her one pair of good shoes to keep them dry in the rain, reports the New York Daily News.

[Image courtesy of: Forbes]