Kate Middleton Is Inspiring Young Mothers-To-Be To Embrace Their Baby Bumps

There’s no question that Kate Middleton is a trendsetter, and in her capacity as the Duchess of Cambridge and a prominent royal public figure, has considerable influence on a lot of people, especially mothers and mothers-to-be.

Just the mere fact that Prince George’s brother or sister is on the way is driving consumer sales and shopping trends as women become more and more inspired by the Duchess.

The Daily Mail reported today that there has been a 43 percent rise over the past few months in mothers wanting “bump portraits,” something Kate Middleton made famous.

According to Venture Studios, which produces the so-called “bump portraits,” increasing numbers of mothers-to-be show up at their studios, clutching pictures of Kate, hoping to precisely mimic the Duchess’ hands-under-the-bump pose.

The so-called “Kate Effect” seems to be empowering and inspiring mothers in many ways, not just when it comes to having “bump portraits” taken. After all, the grace and style of Kate Middleton is an inspiration to many.

When pregnant with Prince George, Kate’s fashion choices were widely praised as they went against the type of traditional maternity wear that is old fashioned and often awkward.

Venture told reporters that people are moving away from the “Demi Moore” type pregnant portraits, favoring the more natural look and feel of Kate Middleton’s portrait.

Of course “The Kate Effect” is by no means limited to her “baby portrait” pose or style, as when it comes to fashion, what Kate wears sells out fast. Take for example the $300 Natasha coat by Séraphine which the Duchess wore earlier this week, which sold out completely from stores soon after she wore it.

One woman who was inspired by “The Kate Effect” is 35-year-old Caroline Wade from Muswell Hill in London. While she is currently four months pregnant, she said the Duchess has inspired her to have a fashionable pregnancy and to capture it on camera.

“After spending most of my adult life controlling my figure, the fact that your stomach is meant to stick out in pregnancy is an interesting shift in perspective! It reminds you that what your body can do is so much more powerful than how it looks. I have to say all the coverage of Kate being pregnant and glamorous inspired me to do the shoot. I didn’t expect to still feel attractive when I was pregnant but it is still you, just you with a bump.”

Hopefully, those women wishing to emulate the “Kate Middleton Look” will take into account the veritable army of people dedicated to achieving that look and will not be too disappointed if they fall a little short.