Will Jacqueline Laurita’s New ‘Tell-All’ Book Be About Teresa Giudice?

Jacqueline Laurita hasn’t been a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a few years now, as she wasn’t interested in filming the show without Caroline Manzo. When Dina Manzo announced her return, Laurita decided to pull the plug as the family had unresolved issues. But Jacqueline wasn’t completely done with the ladies from the show, as Laurita filmed a scene with Kathy Wakile and their husbands to cover Teresa Giudice’s sentencing.

And even though Jacqueline Laurita isn’t filming anymore, she isn’t done sharing advice and knowledge. This week, the former New Jersey housewife decided to announce that she was writing two books, one of which is written with her husband’s blessing. In fact, he will be co-authoring the book. And Jacqueline admits that this is a tell-all book.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Jacqueline Laurita‘s upcoming book will be packed with information, but it won’t be about the Real Housewives of New Jersey wives. In fact, it sounds like her friendship with Teresa won’t even be mentioned in the book. Instead, Laurita will write about beauty and wellness.

“It is a beauty style, and wellness guide,” Jacqueline Laurita has revealed about her upcoming book, adding, “It’s called Get It: The Busy Girls Guide To Getting Your ‘It’ Together.”

Laurita is no stranger to writing about beauty and wellness as she has been blogging about this topic for a while. It is questionable whether Jacqueline would turn this beauty venture into a business, but it sounds like this mother of three has some valuable advice, since she has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years.

“It’s about getting centered, on track, organized, healthy, fit, beautiful, youthful, stylish, sexy, and getting peace & happiness. The co-author is Jene Luciani. She is a beauty and style expert who authored The Bra Book,” Jacqueline continues, adding that she also has a second book in the works.

“I have another book I’m also working on called ‘Defy Expectations’ with my husband, Chris, about our journey with autism,” Laurita explains, adding, “I can’t say more than that for now. Look for the book later this year!”

It sounds like Jacqueline isn’t willing to dish on emotional topics, such as her feud with Dina Manzo, her broken friendship with Teresa Giudice or any other fights with friend of the housewives. She has settled her feud with Dina away from the show, as the family celebrated Christmas together this year.

According to the Inquisitr, Laurita has revealed that she is done with her friendship with Teresa Giudice, and now that she is behind bars, Jacqueline could be dishing out her side of the story.

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita’s two books?

[Image via Unreality TV]