Kate Middleton’s Style Has Helped Ailing British Economy, Brought In $1.5 Billion

Kate Middleton’s influence on the general public has been so fierce that her fashion choices have brought in $1.5 billion to the British economy.

According to Grazia, this is more than any other celebrity in British pop culture. That’s right, Kate Middleton now has more influence than pretty much every supermodel, pop star, and actress out there.

Figures proves that when Kate Middleton is spotted wearing an outfit it instantly starts to sell. And when we say sell, we mean really sell.

Grazia’s team found out some stunning facts regarding Kate Middleton’s impact on fashion sales. They have calculated that the Kate Middleton brand is now estimated to be worth over £1,000,000,000, which comes in at a quite staggering $1.5 billion.

Meanwhile, after Kate Middleton wore certain items their sales increased by over 100 percent. When she was seen wearing a Burberry coat that she acquired from the U.K. supermarket Asda, the company revealed that sales of the piece went up by 300 percent. Debenhams’ fake eyelashes increased by 400 percent, while zipkin-style knee high boots from Russell and Bromley shot up by an astonishing 663 percent.

Kate Middleton’s influence on British style has seen Reiss, which is a label that the Duchess visits on a regular basis, plan on opening 13 new stores in the U.S. over the next 12 months.

Kate Middleton’s popularity has been credited with pumping $1 billion into Britain’s struggling economy because her legions of fans and supporters have been leaping into shops and surfing the world wide web in order to try and recreate her attire. In fact the webpage, What Kate Wore, had over 4 million hits between April, 2011, and April, 2012, as Middleton’s popularity rose.

Just last week, after the Duchess Of Cambridge had been spotted wearing a Madderson London ‘Naomi’ frock with a navy, white and pink embroidered tweed-patterned trim, the Madderson London site saw a huge increase in activity that led to the company’s website crashing.

They even took to Facebook to explain, “Apologies but our website is currently down due to exceptionally hight traffic volumes. We’re working to resolve this as soon as possible! We’ll advise once we’re back up.”

Kate Middleton is currently expecting her second child, who is due to be born in April. However, despite her burgeoning baby bump, the Duchess of Cambridge has continued with her Royal duties. In fact, on Monday, she spent time with the volunteer organization Family Friends in London. During this trip she admitted that her unborn child is constantly moving and kicking her.

[Image via Famous Wallpapers]