Declin Moss: 18-Month-Old Florida Toddler Mauled To Death By Family Dogs

An 18-month-old toddler Declin Moss was attacked and mauled to death by two family dogs in the porch of his own home, reports WPTV. According to the report, the incident happened in Brooksville, north of Tampa Monday. What makes the incident even more perplexing is the fact that the two family dogs attacked Declin in front of his grandfather who was at the porch when the attack took place. At this moment, there is no established cause that could have prompted the dogs to respond in the way they did.

According to a statement from the Hernando County Sheriff’s office, the grandfather of Declin, Gregory Moss, 51 was unable to free the child from the vicious attack by the dogs. Authorities added that the dogs are of mixed breed. While emergency services were called in minute after the attack, Declin was already dead by the time they reached his home.

Meanwhile, a CNN report adds that there were two other dogs in the home that were not involved in the incident. Declin Moss’ mother was not at home when the incident happened. The toddler lived with his mother and grandfather at their Brooksville home.

One of Declin Moss’ neighbors, Charles Shorey described him as “a beautiful kid. I feel sorry for the mother. She’s, she’s fighting and struggling,” he added.

Meanwhile authorities are still talking to the distraught family members of Declin – including his mother. They have revealed the named of the dogs involve din the incident as Thumper and Max. A veterinarian has been entrusted the job of finding the actual breeds of the dogs. At this stage it is unclear of the two dogs would be euthanized.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis described the incident as a terrible tragedy.

“It is a terrible, terrible event today. Obviously, even those of us who work with death and dying and serious injury, the firefighters on scene were heartbroken,” he added.

The mauling of Declin Moss at the hands of family dog has once again raised the question regarding the safety of kids near family dogs. This incident is even more perplexing owing to the fact that the dogs in this case were known to Declin and were family dogs.

[Image Via DailyMail/Facebook]