Snake Bites Lowe’s Customer On Head After Hiding In Store Cabinet

It’s the last thing someone would expect at a home improvement store. Snake bites aren’t typically what customers get while shopping at Lowe’s, or anywhere else.

One Lowe’s shopper had this happen on Saturday in Corinth, Mississippi, according to WTVA News. Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance says the incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. when a shopper opened a cabinet door and a chicken snake jumped out and bit the person on the head.

It’s unknown if the Lowe’s customer who was attacked is a man or woman. The victim’s condition hasn’t been released. What’s known so far is that he or she was transported to Magnolia Regional Health Center. Police haven’t offered any more information and didn’t have immediate access to an incident report, USA Today reports.

Snake bites are usually dangerous for humans attacked by the reptiles, but chicken snakes are nonvenomous. They’re also referred to as black rat snakes, corn snakes, or pilot snakes. The creatures can be 3- to 5-feet in length and like slithering up smooth wood surfaces. Barn walls are one of their preferred structures to ascend upon. These types of snakes feast on rodents and birds.

Cabinets are constructed of smooth wood and that’s probably why the chicken snake was inside it. How it got there is a mystery. Lowe’s spokeswoman Amanda Manna only comments that the situation is being investigated.

Back in July 2013, a 19-foot Python broke into a St. Vincent de Paul store in Queensland, Australia. It was discovered soon after a burglar was arrested for robbing the store. At first investigators thought it had something to do with the burglar having an “appetite for destruction” due to dishes, fixtures, clothing, and other items scattered all over the floor, according to Huffington Post. It turned out that the large reptile found its way inside the store through a large hole in the ceiling that was there from a cyclone almost three years ago. When it fell through the ceiling, it knocked over merchandise that made it appear as though the burglar left a chaotic mess. At least no dangerous snake bites happened in that situation.

The Inquisitr also wrote about a woman who encountered a large python in her bathroom.

It’s unclear if any update on the Lowe’s customer will be released. If a snake bites someone on the head, it’s an unpleasant experience whether it’s venomous or not.

[Photo Credit: Sierra Potomac]