Lefties Rejoice; Galaxy S6 Rumored To Have Edge Displays On Both Sides

Rumors are swirling through the tech press about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, from a metallic case to ditching Qualcomm chips. As fascinated readers wait for March 2nd, when Android Authority suggests that Samsung will unveil the S6 at Mobile World Congress 2015, as they did for the S2 and S5, the device is beginning to look very tempting.

Let’s look at some of the rumors that are piling up.

Curved Screen Edges

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, customers have been fascinated by the curved display screen of the Galaxy Note Edge, which allows access to some of the crucial icons and notifications of a smartphone without taking up the main display, or needing the phone to be removed from its case. Sammobile today confirmed that a similar design is in process for the S6. The source for Sammobile reports that there will be a variant of the S6 which will have curved displays on each side of its screen, and it will be able to be used in both right and left handed mode.

Then there’s Glance Lighting, which will light up the Edge area when you receive a call or notifications, when you turn your device over. Also, you will have an option to choose favorite contacts and an ability to assign specific colours to them. So, calls and notifications from important people will show the designated color lighting on the edge area.

New Processors

Gizmodo reported that Qualcomm’s newest chips, the Snapdragon 810, had overheating issues with the S6 in testing, and that Samsung has opted not to use the processor, and instead use its own chips. That could have downsides, as Qualcomm is the leader in LTE integration, but overheating is obviously a problem that can’t be tolerated. With both Xiaomi and LG using Qualcomm chips, however, it could lead to an interesting year in Android devices, as competing tech needs to be considered along with competing features.

Case Material

Much has been made about the Galaxy S6 having a metal case, but a new report from DroidLife suggests that the device could have a glass back and nonremovable battery.

Fingerprint Sensor?

Recent reports from DroidLife have also suggested that Samsung may look at incorporating a fingerprint sensor in its Galaxy s6 design. This would be similar to the sensor used on the most recent series of Apple devices, and would allow the user to unlock their device with a press-and-hold, instead of needing to press then swipe.

What do you think about the Galaxy S6 rumors? Are you tempted by the new device?