Brittany Musick Lands Photo Shoot: ‘I’m No Homewrecker’

Brittany Musick is known for messaging Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert on Twitter and making plans to meet up with him while he was still married to Leah Messer. However, while she maintains that she thought he was filing for divorce, that hasn’t stopped fans of the TM2 couple from attacking her online. For Brittany, though, the negativity doesn’t seem to bother her as she is using her newly found internet fame to land more deals, most recently a photoshoot.

After tweeting about a photoshoot that she recently landed with the help of her agency, Howiewood, Brittany spoke to Radar Online about her upcoming endeavors. Some may wonder just how far being a part of a Teen Mom 2 scandal can take you and it looks like the answer is pretty far, at least for Brittany Musick. She says she has “many offers” coming in.

“2015 I feel is going to be a good year for me.”

Of course, even though Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer have moved on with their lives and are trying to make their marriage work, that hasn’t stopped Brittany Musick from talking about the famous reality show couple. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she would consider appearing on Teen Mom 2 if “the price was right.” However, there is no indication that the network wants her to appear on the reunion special.

Since she continues to talk about the reality show, fans of the show, and of Leah, continue to slam Brittany on Twitter, calling her a homewrecker. Brittany, however, continues to defend herself.

When Leah Messer initially approached Brittany Musick about her messaging with her husband, the two women were cordial with one another. However, it wasn’t until Brittany sold the messages she exchanged with Leah that things went downhill with the women. Jeremy Calvert has recently returned to Twitter and he initially “favorited” a tweet from Brittany which she promptly took a screenshot of and shared with her followers.

When news broke that Brittany signed with a talent agency, a source spoke to Radar Online and revealed why Brittany was making the move.

“Brittany is ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come her way. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong in the situation with Jeremy, so why not?”

While not many fans approve of what Brittany Musick is doing, it doesn’t look like she is going to let any opportunity pass her by.

[Image: via Twitter]