Meghan Trainor Replaces Taylor Swift At Number One On Billboard 200 Album Chart

These past several months have been great for Meghan Trainor. Besides releasing the Grammy-nominated “All About That Bass,” Ms. Trainor has also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, replacing Taylor Swift who held the top spot for several weeks.

Meghan Trainor’s debut album has received wide variety of positive and negative reviews. USA Today gave Title a mixed review, but noted Trainor’s strengths.

“Trainor is at her most appealing when she doesn’t try to be sly or subversive. Her yearning soprano is a perfect match for guest John Legend’s silky voice and presence on ‘Like I’m Going to Lose You.’ Alone again on ‘Close Your Eyes,’ Trainor sings, ‘I know I’m beautiful’— and doesn’t ask for any male affirmation. It’s enough, for once, that she believes in herself.”

The Los Angeles Times gave Meghan Trainor‘s album the worst review of any media outlet.

“Unlike, say, Bruno Mars — an avowed idol of hers who similarly mixes modes and attitudes — she doesn’t give you the sense that she’s thought through the opposing themes in her music: the individual versus society, modernity versus tradition, dependence versus independence.”

Perhaps Meghan Trainor can be happy that her fans, at least on Twitter, are appreciative of her new album.


Meghan Trainor may want to tell her critics that her single, “Lips Are Movin,” is her second straight top five hit on Billboard‘s Hot 100. Not bad for a singer some folks love to criticize. But how long will Trainor keep Taylor Swift out of the number one spot?

Trainor sold about twice as many albums this past week as Taylor Swift, but Swift just released her new single “Style,” and it has received excellent reviews. FDRMX believes “Style” will be another number one hit.

“Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ sounds like the soundtrack to a fun night out in your parents favorite 80s flick. From the guitars that kick off the track to the smooth synth driven production, it was refreshing to hear Swift tackle a track like this.”

“Style” has already taken off at Top 40 radio and is currently number 12 on iTunes. It is likely to increase sales of Swift’s 1989 next week. If Meghan Trainor’s Title drops more than 60 percent, which new albums usually do after the first week of release, Swift could be back on top.

In any case, Trainor can celebrate the fact that her album is number one, and she has a solid shot to walk away with a Grammy in two weeks.

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[Image Via YouTube Screencap]