Scott Shelton: Unemployed Dad Who Turned Down $20K For Seahawks Touchdown Ball Headed To Jail After Super Bowl

Scott Shelton could be giving up a lot to help the Seattle Seahawks keep a piece of history.

The fan, who caught the game-winning touchdown ball after wide receiver Jermaine Kearse flung it into the stands in jubilation, has turned down a $20,000 offer for the ball, saying instead he just wants to watch his team play in the Super Bowl.

Shelton has talked to Kearse, saying he would give the ball back in exchange for tickets to the big game — which would likely be worth less than his cash offer — and the Seahawks wide receiver is reportedly trying to make it happen.

“My phone rings, and it was Jermaine! Jermaine Kearse, you know? The Man!” Shelton told KOMO News.

“We were just talking about the game. He told me he wanted to trade his game helmet signed by the team and his jersey, for the ball. And then he asked me what (else) I wanted for the ball. And I said ‘honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.’ So he’s going to see what he can do about that. But I told him I wouldn’t give it up unless it was going to him. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have it.”

There is one twist, however, and it’s a big one. On the Monday after the Super Bowl, Scott Shelton is due to start a months-long jail sentence in his home in Washington state. So if he is able to make it to the big game, he’ll need to be back from Arizona by 2 p.m. in order to report to jail.

But the jail sentence doesn’t seem to be weighing too heavily on Shelton, who is still giddy from snagging the ball that sent the Seattle Seahawks back to the Super Bowl.

“This is a cool ball, man. To think that this is the one that I watched sail. The pass is still re-playing in my mind. It’s been going all night and all day — really, that really happened!” he said.

If he can’t get Super Bowl tickets, Scott Shelton said he may have another idea — saving the ball to give to his young son.