Sheree Fletcher in ‘Light Girls’ OWN Documentary: Will Smith’s Ex-Wife Speaks About Meeting Her White Grandfather For The First Time

The Light Girls movie on OWN provided plenty of revelations from some unknown faces and certain famous faces, as they spoke via Oprah’s channel about the impact that color played in their lives. As reported by the Inquisitr, Amber Rose nearly cried in Light Girls when she spoke of the pain caused by some members of her Creole family rejecting her estranged husband, Wiz Khalifa, so much so that they refused to come to her wedding. Sheree Fletcher also spoke poignantly in the Light Girls OWN documentary, with Will Smith’s ex-wife disclosing what it was like to meet her white grandfather for the first time.

“My biological grandfather had an issue. He took issue with the fact that his son produced two children with an African-American woman and that resulted in my not meeting him until I was 16 years old. I think I wasn’t allowing myself to feel — I was just thinking that was kind of weird and he was lost and ‘whatever’ — but it wasn’t a ‘whatever,’ you know because later in life I had to deal with those emotions and those feelings.”

Fletcher recalls the day she finally came face to face with her own flesh and blood, a man she says had been avoiding her for so long that she wasn’t ready to act like everything was gravy between the two of them. Throughout the clip, photos of Sheree’s gorgeous mother and handsome grandfather were shown.

“I remember my mom saying, ‘You know what? Just go ahead and meet him.’ So we went to the house — a house we had been to many times but he would never be there. The room was so tense — there was so much tension, and it was just him and I, looking eye to eye. And he said, ‘Can I have a kiss?’ and I said no. He said, ‘How ’bout a hug?’ ‘No.’ He said, ‘Well how about a handshake?’ And I said, ‘That I can do,’ and I shook his hand.”

Fletcher became well known to reality TV show fans when she starred in Hollywood Exes, a show that revealed a woman who wrestled with her role as a preacher’s wife. According to TMZ, Fletcher filed for divorce from Terrell Fletcher, a former NFL star, and sought spousal support. Sheree and her ex-husband, Will Smith, have been known to get along well as divorced parents, as this photo from VH1 of the two shows.

[Image via Sheree Fletcher Twitter]