Magical Shape Shifting Jews: Some Paris Muslims Believe ‘Magical Jews’ Behind Paris Terrorist Attacks

While it’s no surprise that some conspiracy-minded folks in the Parisian Muslim community believe “the Jews,” or some other high-level, secret-service-type group, like Israel’s Mossad, might be behind the recent Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, it has raised some eyebrows that some believe those responsible are “Magical Shape Shifting Jews.”

Say what you want about Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster, but if belief in the existence of some magical shape-shifting people of the Jewish persuasion takes hold, the paranormal world will have a brand new super star of phenomena on its hands.

So while it’s fairly certain, and backed by much evidence, that Islamic terrorists were behind the tragic Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, a Daily Beast reporter, speaking on MSNBC, revealed that at least one Parisian Muslim has a strong belief that it was actually “magical shape-shifting Jews” that were responsible, reports the Times of Israel.

The Daily Beast reporter, Dana Kennedy, said she was told of the “magical shape-shifting Jews” while in the suburbs outside of Paris, home to many Muslim immigrants, interviewing people about the deadly Paris terrorist attacks that killed 17 people, four of them Jewish men.

Conspiracy theories that Jews were behind the Paris terrorist attacks, and not just the magical shape-shifting variety, were plentiful, according to Kennedy, the motivations of magical shape-shifting and other Jews being to “make Muslims look bad.”

“One person told me that they weren’t just regular Jews that were doing this but, in fact, a race of magical shape-shifting Jews that were master manipulators that could be everywhere at the same time.”

In her interview with MSNBC, along with magical shape-shifting Jews, Ms. Kennedy also reflected on the nice neighborhoods in which the many Muslim immigrants live. While these predominately Muslim neighborhoods are generally described as ghetto-like slums, dripping with poor poverty, according to Ms. Kennedy, they were far superior to other “poor” housing projects around the world, and particularly the United States.

“It was shocking to see these young Muslims with so much hatred towards the Jews and also to America, and they are also in areas that are portrayed as being these desperate areas but in fact they don’t look really so terrible,” said Kennedy.

Ms. Kennedy also said that a McDonalds in the area, where they got some lunch, was so “pristine” that “you could almost eat off the floor.”

The MSNBC host apparently didn’t like what he was hearing, however, about Ms. Kennedy’s discovering the belief in magical shape-shifting Jews and lovely suburban Paris Muslim immigrant neighborhoods too much.

Instead, the MSNBC host tried to bring back something negative, saying that perhaps it’s just that French culture doesn’t care about and support the disgruntled, angry Muslims’ dreams and aspirations and that’s why they commit terroristic acts.

His effort to try to push aside the striking notion that there are perhaps conspiratorial magical shape-shifting Jews, and the realization that the “gritty, hardscrabble” immigrant neighborhoods outside Paris are nothing of the sort, was unsuccessful though, with Ms. Edwards smiling and restating her point.

That Jews can possess paranormal, supernatural powers for executing their “wicked plans” is surprisingly common throughout the Middle East. Some even call Jews powerful sorcerers, though magical shape-shifting Jews seem to be a new assertion.

One theory on where this conspiracy idea of magical shape-shifting Jews came from is comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical film, Borat, where he plays the anti-Semitic Kazakh journalist of the same name. In one scene, though he doesn’t mention magical, Borat does report that “shape-shifting Jews” have him trapped him in their “nest.”

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