Mia Farrow Accidentally Tweets Search Term, ‘Mia Farrow And Her Black Children’ With Message

A Mia Farrow tweet is revving up some anger after she sent a happy birthday message to her daughter, Quincy Farrow. According to New York Observer, the Twitter message was sent out with the search term “Mia Farrow and her black children.” A photo of Quincy was just above her photo. Soon thereafter, Mia realized she posted the message without removing the search term above Quincy’s picture, so she deleted the photo and re-tweeted it. A few of her followers had already taken a screenshot of the original post, however.

Tweet before search term was deleted.
Mia Farrow's post to Quincy after she deleted search term.

It may have been a genuine mistake, but according to Fox News, Mia received the photo with the search term included from someone else.

According to another tweet by the actress, Mia might not have been the one who put in the search term “Mia Farrow and her black children.”

“@nickcarbone nah. I took the photo myself & posted it before. Then someone sent it to me & I didn’t check source.

— mia farrow (@MiaFarrow) January 19, 2015″

Still, there were several commenting about the search phrase and how funny it is that the actress might have referred to Google in order to obtain a picture of her own daughter.

“So this went viral. Lol, googling ‘Mia Farrow and her black children’ to find pics of own daughter? Hilariously sad.”

“@MiaFarrow so this is the cropped photo? You had to search on here for ur black children? fail p.s no 1 believes your ‘explanation.'”

A few said they didn’t sense any hate in the search term. In fact, one threw in the possibility that Mia was being framed.

“… lol I don’t see traces of hate on her mentions maybe she is being framed.”

Farrow, a human rights activist as well as an actress, has been in the spotlight in the last few years for scandalous gossip. The bitterness between she and Woody Allen was covered on the Inquisitr. It was cited from an op-ed piece that Woody wrote for the New York Times. He expressed his disgust at Mia’s accusations that he molested their adopted daughter, Dylan, when she was 7-years-old.

After reading about Mia Farrow’s tweet sent out by accident, do you believe what she claims happened with the search term? Is writing “Mia Farrow and her black children” something the actress would type in to find a picture of Quincy?

[Image via the Telegraph]