Only 50 Percent Of Japanese Adults Have Sex: Fatigue And Lack Of Interest Are The Main Culprits

Remarkably, a new study has found that roughly 50 percent of Japanese adults do not have sex due to fatigue and a severe “lack of interest.”

The study, carried out by the Japan Family Planning Association, found that more than a fifth of married men and women said they were too tired from work to get it on after a hard day at he office or even first thing in the morning. On top of those worrying statistics, the study also found that roughly 20 percent of all Japanese men between 25 and 29 said they had little or no interest in sex at all, and barely even watch pornography on the internet.

Sadly, the birth rate in Japan is in such a sharp decline that the population is expected to drop by a third within the next 50 years.

As the Telegraph reported, the Japan Family Planning Association found that 48.3 percent of men and 50.1 percent of women, had not had sexual relation in the past four weeks, and sex within the framework of marriage is also in decline.

For nearly a quarter of Japanese women, whether they are single, married or divorced, sex is something they consider too “bothersome,” a fact that doesn’t bode well for the other 50 percent of Japanese men who perhaps do have a sex drive.

One example of Japan’s rapidly declining birthrate is the fact that in Tokyo, a metropolitan city with 35 million people, only around 250,000 babies are born annually.

A BBC Documentary from 2013, called No Sex Please, highlighted the situation regarding the declining birth and sex rate in Japan. The documentary also showed that some Japanese men prefer virtual relationships, to real-life ones, as one who was interviewed by the BBC said, “Why would you get into something as messy, as troubling, as disorienting as a relationship when you could have a virtual girlfriend, a virtual experience, that maybe is even superior to the reality?,”

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