Man Attempts To Rob Green Bay Taco Bell

A 27-year-old man is in custody after attempting to rob a Taco Bell in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Green Bay Press Gazette reports.

Green Bay police officers responded to a call at a Taco Bell at 2230 University Avenue about an attempted robbery at approximately 7:43 a.m. Sunday.

According to NBC 26, the Taco Bell robber had disguised himself, but only covering his face so that his identity would not be revealed. Information about his clothing has not been released.

It was also reported that the disguised robber had been hiding behind the back of Taco Bell, waiting for an employee to open the back door. Just shortly after the restaurant opened, an employee opened the back door and the robber forced his way into the building.

Taco Bell employees stated that the robber had held them hostage at gunpoint, but he eventually took off on feet without taking anything or anyone from the restaurant, not even money.

Information on what took place inside the Taco Bell while the employees were being held at gunpoint has not been released, nor has information been reported about how long the employees were held at gunpoint. From the looks of it, the attempted robbery didn’t take that long. Luckily for them, none of the Taco Bell employees were injured during the attempted robbery.

Although the robber’s main objective was to hide his identity by covering his face, it was all in vain as he was captured the same day. Within 90 minutes of the attempted robbery, police officials say they were able to arrest the individual at his residence at 1000 block of Lime Kiln Road. Information on how they located the suspect has not been reported. The Green Bay police officials has since identified the 27-year-old robber, but has not released his name to the public as of yet.

The would-be robber is facing several charges, including attempted robbery, false imprisonment, and recklessly endangering safety, according to NBC 26. No word has been reported about his bail or if there is a bail set for the attempted robber; arraignment information is being similarly withheld.

There is also no word on his whereabouts. Is he detained? Was he released on bail? When will he have to appear in court for his arraignment? There are still unanswered questions. However, this is a developing story. Further information and details surrounding the incident will be available as soon as the information is released to the public.

[Image via CompuJereamy]