Juan Pablo Galavis Preaches About Authenticity and Honesty: ‘Bachelor’ Advice To Chris?

Former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has been keeping a somewhat low profile since his split with Nikki Ferrell last year. Juan Pablo decided to stay away from the recent Bachelor premiere, since he may not be the biggest fan of Chris Harrison. In addition, Galavis may not be interested in putting himself out there, given he was labeled the worst Bachelor contestant in the show’s long history.

But it appears that Juan Pablo Galavis does have some advice to share. Earlier this year, when Chris Soules was getting ready to relive the show with the rest of the world, Juan Pablo did send a message to Chris. According to the Inquisitr, Galavis did want Chris to find a wife and he did wish him the best of the luck with the journey.

According to a new tweet, Juan Pablo Galavis may not be live tweeting along with fans of the show each week, but it does appear that he has some valuable advice. It is uncertain whether this advice was directed towards Soules or some of the ladies, but it could not be more fitting.

“Be AUTHENCTIC [sic] and HONEST, and when you LEAST expect it, life will give you BACK all you have GIVEN…,” Juan Pablo Galavis tweeted yesterday as The Bachelor was airing, without actually hinting that the advice was for someone on the show.

Of course, Juan Pablo Galavis knows what it takes to get through the show, as he tried to be honest about his feelings. He kept revealing that he was very attracted to all of the ladies, but Juan Pablo never truly opened up about his feelings. Galavis kept blaming his language barriers on his lack of emotions.

Nikki Ferrell did give him a chance, and in all fairness, Juan Pablo Galavis and Ferrell did last longer than Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman, the couple everyone thought would last. And maybe it is this pattern that is making Juan Pablo tweet about honesty.

When asked if he was watching the show this season, Galavis revealed that he was not because he already knew the end result. It is questionable how he would know how Chris Soules’ season will end, but it sounds like he could be predicting the outcome. Or maybe he genuinely believes that Soules will pick his wife, and go back to Iowa to live happily ever after.

What do you think of Juan Pablo Galavis’ advice about honesty and authenticity?

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