Juan Pablo Galavis Sends Message To Chris Soules: ‘Hope You Found Your Wife’

The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has been labeled the worst contestant in the show’s history. Throughout the years, there have been some bad boys who have come on the show with girlfriends at home or with the intention of marketing their companies. But none of the guys went as far as the final scene and then refused to propose or say those three little words. But Juan Pablo is all about being himself.

Because of this image, it sounds like Juan Pablo Galavis was not invited to the Bachelor premiere party that took place last night. Many familiar faces tweeted pictures and comments about being together on this special night with Chris Harrison and Chris Soules, but it sounds like Galavis was not invited to the special event. However, his ex-girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell, was there.

According to a new tweet, it sounds like Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis decided to watch the premiere from home. And even though he wasn’t at the party to share his advice, Soules got an interesting message from Galavis.

“Its Bachelor TIME and for Chris Soules to Watch what he LIVED, but in a different way… BEST wishes and hope you found your WIFE…” Juan Pablo tweeted last night as the new season was about to start.

It is very interesting that Juan Pablo Galavis puts emphasis on Soules finding his wife, because people believe that Juan Pablo was just on the show to have fun. He didn’t necessarily have the intention of finding his wife. Many assumed that he just wanted to find a hot girlfriend on the show and then go on to be a popular icon who would participate on other shows, such as Dancing with the Stars.

Even though the public has a negative experience with Juan Pablo, Galavis isn’t one to be slammed by Nikki. She attended the premiere party last night, where she decided to speak out about their breakup in the fall. She claimed that they both tried to make it work, including Juan Pablo.

And while Galavis’ message to Chris Soules is interesting, Soules has no intentions of following in Juan Pablo’s footsteps. According to the Inquisitr, he is completely invested in the process and he is looking forward to finding his wife, who will be happy to live on his Iowa farm with him.

Do you think Juan Pablo Galavis’ message to Soules is sweet? What do you think about him wishing the best to Chris in his journey to find a wife?

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