Man Seeking To Overthrow North Korean Dictatorship Is Attempting To Crowdfund The Operation

The North Korean dictatorship might be in trouble; not because the United States of America is unhappy about the tiny country’s alleged antics, but the internet is being appealed.

The online democracy has been presented with one of the most ambitious and daring requests. Citizens of the virtual world are being asked to back an attempt to overthrow the North Korean dictatorship. A man who goes by the name of Andrew Fox has launched an Indiegogo campaign to dethrone North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. He wants to liberate the oppressed people of North Korea and has appealed people to donate to his cause and efforts.

How much does it cost to overthrow a dynasty of three generations? Interestingly, Fox thinks $10 million should be enough money to dethrone Kim Jong-Un. Though it is certainly one of the highest amounts appealed for on Indiegogo so far, it does seem unlikely Andrew would be able to wage a formidable coup against a country with just $10 million.

$10 Million Enough To Overthrow A Dynasty?

However, the internet doesn’t appear to be impressed, with only $50 pledged so far. Perhaps if Andrew would be more forthcoming about his plans and strategy to overthrow a dictatorship, people would loosen their purse strings. Andrew merely states the money will go towards supplying technology and education materials, but woefully falls short of convincing the virtual crowd about the coup or if and when it is likely to happen. It appears Andrew might make and finalize the plans depending on the funding he manages to secure.

He does, however, painstakingly outline the hurdles associated with the effort. Lack of a rebel organization group within the country, the fact that “one in three individuals in North Korea will turn in suspicious activity to authorities” and a lack of hope among the people are the primary concerns and probable causes of failures.

The campaign page even states it’s hosted by Freedom Now, “a covert multi-national group with the sole mission of putting a stop to the tyrannical regime of Kim Jong-Un.” But “Freedom Now” is a Washington D.C.-based, non-profit organization “dedicated to providing representation for arbitrarily detained, nonviolent individuals.” The organization never categorically states that it is dedicated to fight the North Korean dictatorship.

Despite the dodgy appearance of the appeal and the near certain demise of the same, backers are being promised some fantastical rewards including their name on a statue in the newly democratic North Korea and rights to “sensitive information,” to name just a few. In case you are interested in knowing the progress of the efforts to “free the North Korean people,” you will have to shell out just $15,000. Apparently, there’s a similar appeal on another site which accepts Bitcoins as well.

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