‘Little Couple’ Update: Jen Arnold Hits Cancer-Free Anniversary, Bill’s Surgery Recovery Continues

The Little Couple is on hiatus for a bit, and fans are definitely missing the family. How are Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein doing these days? Both Jen and Bill have shared some great updates via Twitter recently that fans won’t want to miss.

The big, exciting update for fans is that Jen Arnold has just celebrated her first anniversary of being cancer free. Much of the past year or so was spent dealing with chemotherapy and recovery after her difficult cancer diagnosis. Little Couple fans are thrilled that she was able to beat the cancer, and Arnold’s tweet announcing that she had just hit one year of being cancer free was favorited more than 4,200 times.

As viewers saw during this last season of The Little Couple, Bill Klein also faced his own complicated health situation recently. Bill had been dealing with significant back issues for a couple of years, and he decided it was finally time to take things to the next level regarding the issue.

Bill had back surgery during the filming of the season and, the last fans saw, he was working on his recovery. Klein recently shared via Twitter that his back was still hurting, but he was planning to start physical therapy soon. The surgery recovery has been a complicated, slow process, and fans can tell he’s anxious to be feeling himself again.

Jen and Bill recently shared a bit more about the recovery process via the network’s site. While Arnold is a doctor, the Little Couple pair joke that she doesn’t do quite as well acting as a nurse at home. She says that Bill was a better caretaker for her during her cancer battle than she has been during his surgery recovery.

Fans are used to seeing Arnold and Klein work together as a strong couple, and it is clear that is still the case throughout Bill’s surgery recovery. He is clearly bummed that he can’t play with and take care of Will and Zoey in the same ways he could pre-surgery, and fans hope he can get back to that kind of activity soon.

Jen talks about taking more control of getting the kids up and going in the mornings and organizing drop-off and pick-up needs with their nanny and family when her job makes scheduling difficult. Arnold also jokes about how she doesn’t cook, but she’s a pro at ordering in, as the family needs during this complicated time.

The network hasn’t specified anything about more new episodes ahead, worrying some Little Couple fans. The show wasn’t back for long in this most recent season, and viewers want more. Luckily, Arnold had mentioned via a tweet at the time of the most recent finale that it was a mid-season finale, not a season or even series finale. That would certainly seem to indicate that there will be more new episodes ahead — fans just need to stay tuned for news.

Some theorize that the seemingly early break in the season may have been placed where it was to give Bill time to recuperate. The last new episode definitely wasn’t structured in a way that people would expect of a series finale, so it would seem that the show will return with more new episodes at some point. While Little Couple fans anxiously wait for news on that front, they are thrilled to hear that Dr. Jennifer Arnold remains cancer free and that Bill Klein is making progress on his recovery.

[Image via Short News Poster]