‘The Little Couple’ Spoilers: Bill Has Back Surgery In Finale, Jen Shares Update On New Episodes Ahead

The Little Couple airs a big episode Tuesday night — and fans are feeling anxious. Bill Klein is facing a complicated back surgery, and TLC is touting this episode as the season finale. Is the show really wrapping up so quickly? Will Klein make it through surgery without complications? There are a few Little Couple spoilers available and fans won’t want to miss them.

Many viewers are lamenting that this is being called a season finale when it feels as if the show just returned with new episodes. As some point out, viewers have been getting longer episodes this time around, so that may be part of the shortened season. Luckily according to Little Couple star Dr. Jennifer Arnold, there seemingly are more new episodes on the way.

Arnold tweeted that she can’t believe this is the show’s “mid-season finale” already. Many networks, including TLC, have a tendency to break their shows into two mini seasons these days, essentially, and it sounds as if that will be the case for Little Couple this time around as well. In fact, the network has previously split apart seasons of this show, as well.

When will The Little Couple return with new episodes again? That much isn’t known yet, and fans hope they won’t be left hanging for too long on this front. More information may be shared during Tuesday’s show, though there’s a good chance that viewers will have to wait a bit for details.

As for the January 6 finale, Bill will have his surgery and fans will also see Will and Zoey head out to trick-or-treat for Halloween. People shares a Little Couple spoiler sneak peek into this episode and both Jen and Bill are feeling very anxious about this surgery.

Bill is surrounded by loved ones as he is wheeled into surgery and Jen notes that she will go into survival mode to cope. She shares that for his last surgery, she broke into tears and while she felt the same way inside this time, she stayed strong on the outside. Arnold adds that the family has been through so much this year, she can’t even allow herself to break down.

The Wrap shared another Little Couple spoiler preview that was posted on the show’s Facebook page. This preview shows the family some time after the surgery and it looks like Bill is doing well. He says that it’s been tough for the kids, as he can’t get on the floor to play with them. It sounds as if Will and Zoey have been very compassionate and caring toward Bill though, and, of course, the kids are as adorable as ever.

Both Bill and Jen say that life is different as they go through his recovery and they are anxious for him to be feeling himself again. Luckily in the time since the surgery took place, Jen and Bill have shared that things went well and Klein is recovering fairly well. Though the past year has been a tough one for the Little Couple stars, it would seem both are feeling pretty good these days and fans hope that continues.

Viewers can tune in for the big finale of The Little Couple with Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey airing Tuesday, January 6 on Lifetime. Then, stay tuned for updates regarding further new episodes of the show.

[Image via TLC/Brian Bowen Smith]

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