Bethenny Frankel Has Skinnygirl Brand Summit: Shows Off All Products On Twitter

Bethenny Frankel is known for coming up with great branding ideas, as she has built her Skinnygirl empire to include all kinds of creative products. And this week, Frankel had a brand summit for her products in New York. She shared the news on Twitter, including a picture of her products. And it sounds like Bethenny is quite proud to have all of her accomplishments in a single room.

But Bethenny Frankel didn’t include any details about the rumored weed that would be a part of her upcoming product line. Frankel hasn’t actually said much about the weed that is supposed to prevent cravings, and this could be because she isn’t planning such a product. In fact, it appears that her trip to Aspen was merely a shock to her, not a business inspiration.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel was proud to show off a room full of products this morning to her brand team in New York. And she gladly shared plenty of pictures of the event, including some of her many products. There were pictures of popcorn, clothing, drinks, bars and much more.

“So excited for the #Skinnygirl brand summit today! All my girls in one room!!” Bethenny Frankel tweeted while sharing a few pictures on the social network.

Frankel hasn’t actually revealed what her plans are for the upcoming pot product, but it sounds like it may have been a bad rumor for the Skinnygirl business mogul. When asked earlier this month about upcoming products, Bethenny shared a list of exciting new products, but pot was not one of them. Plus, this product may not be suited for her brand, since it focuses on healthy living.

According to the Inquisitr, Frankel has been dealing with a lawsuit in regards to her Skinnygirl Cocktails. Bethenny sold this company to Jim Beam back when she was filming Bethenny Ever After.

The lawsuit claimed that Bethenny Frankel had lied about the ingredients. She claimed that there were no preservatives in the alcohol, but it was later revealed that the ingredients list didn’t match what was in the bottle. Frankel’s product was promptly removed from Whole Foods and other natural foods stores.

Bethenny continues to fight this lawsuit these days, as she was recently brought back to court to address the issue. But it appears that her legal trouble is not haunting her these days, as she is proudly developing new products.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s brand summit pictures? Have you tried her various products?

[Image via Twitter]