'American Sniper' Billboard Vandalized In L.A., Hollywood Divided

American Sniper may be a sound success at the movie theaters across the U.S., but it has not come without some controversy. A billboard advertising for the movie near the very posh Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood was vandalized by someone who clearly doesn't agree with the message.

The word "murder" was spray painted on the billboard, which was later covered with a tarp. People magazine tweeted a photo before the sign was hidden from view.

In the comments that Twitter users posted on the magazine's tweet, one can clearly see the controversial film continues to make headlines and spark a multitude of emotions on both sides of the fence. The vandalized American Sniper billboard is just another form for those who don't agree with the film to express their opinion.

Clint Eastwood's film, based on the autobiographical book of the same name by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, recounts the experiences of the most lethal American sniper in U.S. history. Bradley Cooper plays the late Kyle, who himself was shot dead by a mentally ill Iraq war veteran whom he was trying to help.

Despite the unexpected success at the box office -- the film has brought in $105.3 million in revenues during the long weekend -- American Sniper is creating a storm of controversy because of what Kyle was paid to do. Those who do not support the film argue that a sniper is nothing more than a murderer lurking in the shadows, killing innocents.

Kyle has 160 confirmed kills to his credit -- though the true numbers are almost double that figure -- but while he was still alive, he was focused on how many lives his actions had saved. Nonetheless, the dialog the film has sparked cannot be denied, and if you are on social media it is almost impossible to avoid.

Not only regular folks have an opinion about American Sniper, one way or another, but big Hollywood names do as well. By now, everyone knows that Michael Moore, of Farenheit 9/11 fame, and Seth Rogen -- who stars in the now infamous The Interview, which cost Sony millions in loses -- have spoken against Kyle's actions publicly, though both seem to be backpedaling now.

Several high-profile celebrities have come out in support of American Sniper on Twitter.

Even Jane Fonda supports American Sniper.What do you think about the American Sniper billboard being vandalized? Do you think Hollywood is divided over the Chris Kyle story?

[Image via Warner Bros.]