Laguna Beach Paddle Boarder Catches Incredible Video Of Orcas Swimming Beneath Him

Laguna Beach, California, isn’t just a town where a popular television show was filmed. According to NBC Bay Area, paddle boarder Rich German caught an amazing view of a pod of Orcas, a couple of them swimming under him while he stood in the waters off of the California coast. Fortunately, German had a camera in-hand, and was able to capture the breathtaking moment.

“Whales dive under German’s board a few times, and the pod seems to showboat for nearby whale watchers. One whale comes up for breath just feet from German, spraying the water between them with its spout,” reports NBC Bay Area.

Laguna Beach sees quite a few whales of all different species. In fact, German has seen humpbacks and blue whales while out on the open water. According to NPR, many were curious to know if German was at all afraid when the whales approached him. Orcas, after all, are also known as “killer whales,” and are one of the only species to kill for fun. However, many will tell you that these large black and white beauties are more majestic and peaceful than anything else.

“A lot of people have been asking me if I was afraid. The truth is, I was too excited to be scared. At one point you’ll see me drop to my knees — only because I thought that one of the whales was going to knock me off my board,” he said.

Earlier this month, Orca whales interacted with an inflatable boat in Redondo Beach, California. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the pod was very curious, and decided to check out the dinghy. While there may have been moments of fright, the footage captured was quite incredible.

“We all thought they were just going to swim under the boat… Little did I realize that the mother and Comet would decide to stop, face to face, just inches from David, who was holding the GoPro camera, and stare right at us,” said Eric Martin, who was on the inflatable.

It’s unknown if the Laguna Beach pod was the same pod swimming in Redondo Beach the week before. Many people who take to the waters in the area bring a camera with them so that they may catch an incredible sight on tape. So far this year, Orcas have made their presence known.

Would you enter the water with killer whales present?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]