Range-R Radar From L-3 Communications Can See Through Walls: Who Can Buy The Radar Online And How Much Does It Cost? [Video]

There’s a radar that’s being called “new,” although the Range-R Radar from L-3 Communications has reportedly been in use by police for up to three years now. Perhaps it’s all the attention from the recently published USA Today report calling it a device that helps police see through walls, that’s bringing all the attention and consternation.

According to the Range-R Radar website, the “through the wall radar” sounds like the revolutionary stuff of futuristic fare, with the device being sensitive enough to detect a person’s breathing – making it extremely difficult for someone to hide from the radar. Although the Range-R doesn’t show images of a person, it operates as a Doppler radar, acting like a stud-finder as the radar is held up against a house or building to detect the presence of a person. The device can’t work through metal properties, so if criminals were hiding in a warehouse with metal walls, the cops would have to use some other means of detection.

The helpful usage of the Range-R Radar can be viewed in terms of search and rescue operations, because as long as a person is breathing, the radar should be able to pick up the presence of a body, even if that person is lying still or injured. The trouble is, feedback from the USA Today article proves that certain folks are worried about illegal usage of the radar, such as thieves using it to detect if a home is empty or not, which begs the question about how stringent the buying requirements are for such a device. Other readers are calling the privacy-stealing radar illegal.


As far as the cost of the Range-R Radar, this reporter has inquired of dealers such as Van Cleve & Associates, Inc., and will update this article accordingly once that information about the device, which is effective up to 50 feet, is received.

As long as the Range-R Radar is used in official police business situations, such as catching terrorists like gunman Amedy Coulibaly, when he held hostages in a Paris Kosher market – as reported by the Inquisitr – the radar device could prove effective and worthwhile. An introductory video on the Range-R Radar website does specifically mention police using the radar in “urban” situations or during other emergency response circumstances.

[Image via Range-R Radar]