Prosecutor Found Dead: Was He Murdered Over Cover-Up Allegations Against President?

Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his heavily-guarded luxury apartment on Sunday.

Hours earlier, the 51-year-old had accused Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, and other key officials of working closely with Iran to stage a cover-up.

According to the deceased prosecutor, the government was behind the subversion of a probe into the parties responsible for the 1994 terrorist bombing of a Jewish center that led to 85 deaths.

Not long after he made these bold remarks, the body of Nisman was reportedly discovered by his mother and a custodian inside of his bathroom. The door had been locked.

Coroner reports say that he died from a gunshot wound to the temple, and it’s assumed that the 22-caliber handgun that was found with the body was used to end his life.

Public Safety Secretary Sergio Berni declared, “all signs point to suicide.”

Ordinarily the circumstances would be enough to suggest that the prosecutor did kill himself.

But the case of Alberto Nisman is hardly ordinary; the circumstances are such that some are whispering that a new government cover-up is happening.

At least one opposition party leader has outright said what others only dare think: Assassination.

Nisman certainly fills the role of “the man who knew too much” perfectly.

Since he over the investigation into the 1994 terrorist bombing, it could be argued that he learned far too much.

He certainly wasn’t afraid to ask questions and point fingers. And then, when he threatened to divulge this potentially dangerous information…he’s found dead in his home.

There are more than a few factors that lend themselves to questioning the nature of the prosecutor’s death.

First there is the lack of a suicide note or final message.

Although it’s possible that Nisman could have opted to end his life and leave no explanation for his grieving loved ones, considering the depth of work he was involved in, some feel that it is unexpected that he would die without at least leaving behind vital clues about what he’d learned. Alternatively, why the stress had suddenly become too much.

This leads to a second major factor as to why the timing of Alberto’s death is so troubling: The prosecutor died exactly one day before he was to testify before the Argentine Congress and further elaborate on the alleged role of President Kirchner in the cover-up of a major terrorist attack.


A man who made such a statement after ten years of investigation, who was at last on the threshold of making his discoveries known would strike an objective observer as having every reason to live.

And then there is the chilling comment made by the prosecutor himself about his own fate.

The New York Times stated (based off of a translated quote from Clarin) that the prosecutor felt that he would not survive the task that had been handed to him.

“I might get out of this dead.”

It is a quote that the prosecutor allegedly said multiple times prior to being found on the floor of his bathroom.

His death now becomes part of a greater conspiracy, a mystery that seems to implicate persons at the highest level of the Argentine government.

Do you believe this prosecutor was found dead following a genuine suicide…or is something truly sinister at work?

[Image Credit: Reuters]