Pizza Delivery Guy Who Got Stiffed Out Of $7 Tip Gets Rewarded $31,693 By Internet

A Massachusetts pizza delivery has been showered with donations online after the video which showed him getting heckled out of a $7 tip went viral. As per last count, 2,987 people have collectively donated $31,693 to Jarrid Tansey.

Jarrid was treated quite rudely by his customers and he was stiffed out of a $7 tip. Apart from the financial loss, Jarrid was subjected to humiliation and insults that his customers heaped on him. As reported by the Inquisitr, Jarrid Tansey delivered pizza to F and R Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Westport, Mass. He was paid in cash for a bill that came up to $42. Interestingly, the staff there handed him two $20 bills and two $5 bills.

In total, Jarrid was handed $50 for a bill of $42 and more notably, there were two $5 bills. Hence Jarrid assumed the additional money was meant as a tip. But that wasn’t the case as one of the car dealership’s employees called Jarrid’s employer Pizza Palace, to demand the extra cash back – roughly $7 and some coins.

When Jarrid returned to the dealership, he was berated and bombarded with insults merely for asking why they handed out extra cash, in small bills, if they didn’t want to tip. But instead of a logical reply, the employee informed Jarrid that he merely handed over whatever was handed to him. The man even threatened to humiliate Jarrid further by releasing the security footage, which he eventually did, but fate and the internet had other plans for Jarrid.

Amanda Rogers, a former waitress who saw Jarrid’s video, decided to start a fundraising campaign for the stiffed delivery man on GoFundMe. The campaign titled ‘Get Jarrid his tip money!”‘ details the episode and appeals to netizens to reward Jarrid for tolerating and having to deal with such people.

Lost $7 In Tip... Rewarded $31,000 By The Internet

As of yesterday, the fund page has received over $31,000. Interestingly, many of the donations were given in $7 increments. Meanwhile, the used car dealership is bearing the brunt of an angry mob with negative comments continuously piling up on review sites. The dealership has been forced to apologize for “belittling the delivery driver”.

To avert any more negative actions, the dealership’s owner said that he plans to offer Jarrid a cash donation. However, it seems Jarrid may not be interested in going back to collect the consolatory tip, now that he has gained from the generosity of the internet.

[Image Credit | YouTube Video Grab, GoFundMe]