‘The Flash’ Returns: Grant Gustin Talks About Upcoming Second Half Of Season 1

As The Flash makes its return this Tuesday, Barry Allen (the Flash) is in pursuit of his arch nemesis, Reverse-Flash, who, unbeknownst to him, is none other than his friend and mentor Harrison Wells. To complicate things further, it seems as if the Flash stepped on all the wrong toes as a group known as The Rogues is determined to take the Flash down.

It’s a pretty tall order, but according to IGN, Flash is preparing to take the fight to his enemies. If you saw the mid-season finale, you saw that the Flash was walloped by Reverse-Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh. Grant Gustin, who plays the titular character, tells us that instead of wallowing in his failure, Flash will use that defeat to become faster and stronger.

“He lost that battle with the Reverse-Flash but it’s not going to stop him. He’s going to keep moving forward and he’s going to be ready for the next time.”

This also tells us that although Barry Allen has a lot of baggage, he is not prone to fits of crippling self-doubt that tends to get in the way of far too many on-screen superhero’s. Barry has been shown as a man who will face his hardships head on and persevere.

Making things difficult for Flash is the villainous group, The Rouges. The Rouges is comprised of classic Flash villains Captain Cold, and new ones such as Heat Wave and Peek A Boo. Could they be the threat to the Flash’s family as ominously hinted at on Twitter?

On top of all that, Flash has yet to find out that his beloved mentor and trusted ally in none other that the Reverse-Flash. How will he come to grips with that? Up until now, Wells has been the Flash’s guiding light. Let’s not forget about Barry’s counterparts, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdez), genius engineer and picker of nicknames, and Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), which up until now have been his closest peers. What is to become of them? Have they been involved with Dr. Wells plans all along?

Gustin tells IGN that Reverse-Flash has set a high bar, but that Barry Allen knows how far he can push himself and that he’s barely tapped into his new-found abilities. That should be fun to watch as the Flash breaks down his own barriers and takes his heroics to a new level.

“Yeah. I mean Barry knows he can push himself now and Barry’s known that all along, but now he knows in more specific ways how he can push himself and how to measure his speed to.”

Thankfully, it appears as if Flash will have some meta human helpers along the way. In the first part of the season we saw Dr. Snows fiancé Firestorm, who was in S.T.A.R. labs when it exploded and got some cool powers of his own. At the close of the mid-season finale, Firestorm appeared in a dirty sweatshirt, eyes blazing and saved the flash from Reverse-Flash as he blazed a fiery trail through the sky.

Whatever they do have cooking for us upon the return, it has been a wining formula so far. Now that The Flash has picked up the Peoples Choice award, as reported by the Inquisitr, but now we have word that the show has picked up another season.

While the confirmation of another season for The Flash is good news, it wasn’t necessarily a guaranteed thing. Superhero shows in the past have not fared so well. Even good shows, if they are original enough, seem to be left in the dust after their first season, but Grant Gustin wasn’t too surprised to hear the news.

“I hate to say – it’s not like we expected it, but it’s also not surprising me, I guess. It’s why I was so excited to get to be a part of this early on. I knew it was a character that was long overdue.”

Are you looking forward to the 2015 premier of The Flash?