Kate Gosselin Prioritizes Staying Slim, Blames ‘Kate Plus 8’ And ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ For No Dates [Video]

Mom of eight Kate Gosselin is discounting rumors that she’s happily dating a millionaire. As a reality TV star on two current shows, Kate Plus 8 and Celebrity Apprentice, Gosselin says that she has no time to date, reported Us Weekly.

It’s been five years since Jon Gosselin exited the then-popular Jon & Kate Plus 8. The 39-year-old Kate is quick to emphasize that he’s not just off the air, but out of her life, as shown on her new show below.

“I don’t have [a relationship with Jon anymore]. I give the kids… some of the kids visit and some don’t and I keep the peace. That’s what I’ve always done. It’s best for the kids.”

But Kate admits that it’s tough being a single mom.

“There are days when I say, ‘I’m quitting and not coming back,'” Gosselin confessed. “I think every mom feels that way.”

As for dating, Kate hasn’t ruled it out. She just lacks the time, and is also worried that any potential suitors would be aware of her fame.

“I would love to date, but I don’t have time to date. I don’t know that I really have time to think about [what I want in a man]. Our obvious issue [is] we’re a family people have heard of. It’s that publicity piece. There’s eight kids [and] it’s really loud and stressful in my house. I mean, anybody that can kind of work through all that, you know, that’s a lot of gates there they gotta get through.”

However, Gosselin expressed concern that her kids lack a male role model.

“I don’t have a lot of time to be out there searching for someone, so I want to do it right and I would love for them to have that male role model. It is lacking.”

Will Kate consider appearing on a dating show? She indicated that she hasn’t ruled it out, as she discusses below.

As the Inquisitr revealed, several reports indicated that Kate was involved in a relationship with millionaire Jeff Prescott. The two had known each other casually for more than a year, and a source said that they had moved into dating status.

However, she made no comment on those rumors. Instead, Gosselin has talked at length about her desire to stay slim. The mom of eight is an avid runner, telling Runner’s World that she fits her 10-mile runs around her children’s schedules.

“I run 10 miles every other day,” clarified Kate.

In addition to exercising faithfully, Gosselin is dedicated to her organic diet, reported Radar Online. When she travels, Kate requires kid-friendly foods for her children, such as chicken fingers and French fries, but lists specific low-carb organic foods for herself.

Examples of her favorite requests include Kobe beef tips and organic blueberries.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for ‘Bethenny’]