Break Up Text Viral: See Just How Far One Woman Went To Get Rid Of A Persistent Guy [Photos]

“Breaking up is hard to do!”

One woman definitely knows the full extent of the comical cliché. As a matter of fact, it was probably harder for her than the guy she worked so hard to break up with. Even though she decided to break up via text message, things still don’t go exactly as she would have hoped.

According to Mirror, a woman named Ann Gray recently met a guy through an online dating site. Of course, his name has not been released for obvious reasons. She reportedly saw the guy three times in person, but quickly decided that things have fallen flat between the two of them. So she decided to call it quits. She sent him a detailed break-up text, but apparently, he didn’t seem to understand that she was no longer interested. She recently shared detailed about the short-lived relationship with Mirror.

“I called it a night and decided that I never wanted to see him again,” Gray said. “Luckily, he didn’t live in my town.”

She then revealed just how “hard” the break-up was. However, it has nothing to do with emotional ties. He just didn’t get it! Even after she made it clear that she didn’t want to see him anymore, he asked her out again. She then decided to take a more drastic approach to rectify the break-up problem.

“He continued to message me. And the day came when he sent me one stating ‘I think we need to have a date tonight! I will be around your house in 30 minutes.'”

While most people understand the cryptic meaning behind statements like, “It’s not you it’s me,” or “This isn’t working out,” or “Maybe we should see other people,” this guy just could not take a hint. Gray was reportedly forced to begin texting the guy disguised as her “sister.” She told him she was hospitalized, and he still refused to take a hint. He pushed a bit further and attempted to come “visit” her in the hospital. Regardless of how many excuses she gave, he just would not give up.

Gray decided to things a step further. That’s when the break-up text became a “life and death” situation. She ended up faking her own death so he would just stop texting and move on. Apparently, that break-up text got his attention.

Here are the epic screenshots.

Then, to make matters worse, she said he still wasn’t done messaging her. When she logged back on to the dating site, he still tried talking to her again. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy about her break-up text.

“He sent me a horrid message!” she said. “Can’t say I blame him, really. I am currently engaged to be married and not dead!”

Gray’s epic break-up text has gone viral, but surprisingly, her tactic has received mixed opinions. While many readers found her break-up text was pretty crafty, some felt she took things a bit too far. Some readers think her lie about death was a bit extreme and far-fetched. However, some argued that she had to take drastic measures since he just wouldn’t leave her alone!

“Holy cr–. Just be honest. Stop making excuses. You can reject someone in a polite manner. “I don’t think we’re compatible with one another, but I’d love to be friends” is my go-to line.”

“I’ve faked worse things than death to get away from a creepy guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. The fact that the guy decided they were going on a date in thirty minutes and didn’t give her a real option to say no to the date was creepy enough. When you add that after he’s told the hospital is only letting family see her (a common procedure in an ICU), he shows up anyway and is demanding to know what room/ward she’s in… Yeah. He’s not just desperate, he’s bordering on dangerous.”

Do you think Ann Gray was wrong for taking the break-up text so far? Share your thoughts.

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