Walmart: Man Tries To Record Up A Woman's Skirt In Packed Store [Video]

A male Walmart customer allegedly tried recording up the skirt of a female customer at a Walmart discount department store in Apopka, Florida. Police say the alleged perpetrator was bold enough to use his cell phone to allegedly perform an act of voyeurism in the middle of the packed retail establishment.

According to ABC's WFTV Channel 9, Walmart video surveillance caught 42-year-old James King while he was standing in an aisle. While Walmart customer Teneika Alexander strolled down the aisle, King crouched down with his cell phone and pointed it under Teneika's skirt.

Teneika caught King in the act of recording her. She calmly walked away and quickly searched for her husband.

Alexander provided WFTV with an explanation as to why she didn't confront King when she realized she became a victim of the alleged voyeur.

"I wanted him to get caught. I just didn't want him to get hurt; I wanted him to get caught so he wouldn't do it again to someone else."

Teneika immediately searched and found her husband and they went looking for King. When they found King, her husband took a picture of him. When King eventually left the Walmart, Teneika's husband followed him to the Walmart parking lot and took a picture of King's car license plate.

Police were able to track down King a few hours later. Police charged James King with video voyeurism and arrested him. They took him to Orange County jail.

Police reported that King's excuse for having his phone out in such a position was because he was looking for some screws in the Walmart hardware aisle. He explained that it looked as though he was recording up Teneika's skirt, but he was actually looking at his to-do-list. However, police did not find a to-do-list anywhere on his cell phone.

Alexander told police she believes King knew exactly what he was doing when she caught him crouched down in the aisle with his cell phone.

Teneika had this to say.

"I just didn't feel like that would happen to me. I was thinking this was a bit close and I have on a dress, so I looked over just to see what was going on. That's when I noticed he was extending his arm to put a camera under my skirt."

Williams was simply doing her weekly shopping at Walmart when this incident took place. James King is out of jail on bond.

[Video courtesy of WFTV/Cox Media Group]