Snapchat: Teen Jailed For Life After Stabbing Rival Over Shared Video, Claims moment of ‘Primeval Fury’

Mohammed Barre was sentenced to life in prison after killing someone who shared a humiliating photo and video via the popular app called Snapchat. Barre was so upset that he stabbed his victim in the heart. The video showed Barre being knocked out by 18-year-old Jamil Palmer in a previous fight. The teens fought over a previous dispute that occurred outside of a car park nearly a year prior. Palmer decided to share the video with the internet and brag about his win. However, Barre claims the video set into motion a “primeval fury” that caused him to kill Palmer in cold blood.

According to the Mirror U.K., Mohammed Barre, 17, will serve a minimum of 17 years before he will be eligible for parole. Court documents shared that he stabbed Jamil Palmer three times during the ordeal, one striking him in the heart. The fight took place after Palmer shared a video of himself knocking Barre out in another fight. The deadly altercation occurred just six hours after both boys left Youth Court. Barre was humiliated by the footage and approached Palmer in an act of revenge, killing him in the process.

Closed circuit footage at the park where the murder occurred showed Barre and Palmer fighting just prior to the stabbing. A motorist saw the entire fight take place and prosecutor John McGuiness shared her story with the court.

“She heard some shouting and she could see on the grass area Palmer. He was facing someone who was on the ground and the person who was on the ground was the 17-year-old defendant. She noticed Palmer take his top off and let it fall to the floor in an aggressive manner as if he was looking for a fight. He shouted a number of times ‘one on one, one on one. There had been a fight between them and Palmer had got the best of it.”

According to the International Business Times, Judge Richard Hone took no pity on Barre for the gruesome crime and ensured he was aware of the severity of his decision.


“By your actions you have in effect passed a life sentence of all the members of your victim’s close and devoted family. The pain and devastation you have caused all those innocent people is beyond description. You are indeed a troubled and turbulent young man,”

Judge Hone also stated that Barre is, “a force to be reckoned with.”

[Photo Courtesy: International Business Times]