Chris Evans Taunts Chris Pratt, Super Bowl Rival: ‘You Are My Enemy’

Actor Chris Evans has apparently chosen his Super Bowl rival for the upcoming big game.

As many other fans of the New England Patriots are already doing within their tight circle of friends, the Captain America actor has decided to stay within the Marvel circle by calling out none other than Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt.

Evans made his first taunt on Monday by using his official Twitter page to send Pratt a riveting message about an immediate change to their friendship.

That’s right.

The Super Bowl has become much more than just the New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

Thanks to Chris Evans’ tweet, it has become Captain America vs. Star-Lord. The Battle of the Chris’s. The First Avenger vs. The Half-Breed Guardian.

It’s no secret that Chris Pratt is perhaps one of the biggest Seattle Seahawks fans in Hollywood. The Seattle Seahawks posted a picture of Pratt wearing a Seahawks hat and jersey during Sunday’s NFC Championship game, cheering on the team with an iconic line from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie at the same time.

After the Seahawks’ jaw-dropping victory against Green Bay, Pratt did not hesitate to rub it in the face of Packers fan Ellen DeGeneres, alongside rapper Macklemore on Twitter.

However, it’s clear now that he may have bitten off more than he could chew since Captain America and the Patriots are involved now.

Boston native Chris Evans is undoubtedly excited by the fact that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are making their way back to the Super Bowl.

By calling out a fellow Marvel movie star who was raised in the state of Washington, Chris Evans has officially made his Super Bowl rivalry with Chris Pratt the best one of all.

Chances are that quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are feeling an immeasurable amount of pressure right now with the biggest game of the season less than two weeks away.

However, perhaps knowing that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt (no, Captain America and Star-Lord) will be right by their sides respectively should lighten the load.

[Image Credit: Magic 1067 & Huffington Post]