Brittany Musick Shares New Meme: Is She Talking About 'Teen Mom 2' Couple Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert?

Lindsay Cronin

Brittany Musick recently shared a new Twitter meme, but was it in regard to her former friendship with Jeremy Calvert?

"It's okay that you chose her. We always chose the wrong people for ourselves. After all I chose you."

Brittany Musick, who shared the above message on January 18, engaged in an online relationship with Calvert, who is currently married to Leah Messer, after he publicly accused his wife of cheating. At the time, Calvert had reportedly told Musick he was no longer married to Messer, and he was ready to move on. However, in the months since their communication ended, Calvert and Messer got back together.

On New Year's Day, Calvert and Messer appeared together on Twitter, sharing a series of photos, one of which included their New Year's Eve kiss. Still, after Calvert reactivated his Twitter account, their relationship appeared to be unstable.

While Calvert's return to social media was certainly no story in and of itself, the fact that he immediately favorited one of Brittany Musick's tweets appeared to hint that their relationship wasn't over. As the Inquisitr reported last week, Calvert's account's favorite list featured a comment made by Musick to a fan, which claimed her new media deal with Howie Wood was none of the fan's business.

Although Calvert and Messer seemed to have a great New Year's holiday, a new source recently stated otherwise. Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported there was much more drama behind the photos than fans were led to believe.

In an interview with Radar Online, an eyewitness at the party the Teen Mom 2 couple attended gave details about their tense outing.

"Leah looked really unhappy. She barely spoke with Jeremy and neither seemed to be having a good time. She was a mess, like she was out of her mind. Her friend kept saying 'Leah, you can't be doing this anymore.' She seemed like she needed help."

For the past couple of weeks, Calvert and Messer have been filming the sixth season of Teen Mom 2. As fans will recall, Calvert and Messer have made their marriage troubles no secret on the show. Last season, Calvert was reportedly working too much for Messer's liking, and had no interest in getting help for their marriage. They were also struggling to co-parent Messer's twins with Corey Simms, Ali and Aleeah.

Brittany Musick will not be seen on Teen Mom 2 Season 6, which is expected to premiere later this year.

[Photo via Twitter]