#DeflateGate: Why THIS Indianapolis Colts Fan Isn’t Demanding A Super Bowl Spot [Opinion]

It’s funny, but immediately after the Indianapolis Colts suffered that crushing 45-7 loss to the New England Patriots, I tuned out.

Even as I accepted the reality of a New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl, I was apparently the last Colts fan on the face of the Earth to find out about #DeflateGate.

Allegedly there were shenanigans in Foxborough, Mass. on Sunday and to my absolute lack of surprise, the New England Patriots were involved.

The NFL is now investigating claims that the New England Patriots purposely deflated balls ahead of the game against the Indianapolis Colts according to NFL spokesman Michael Signora.

According to what former NFL official Jim Duopolies told ESPN, the officials are supposed to check out the balls ahead of games.

“Officials check balls as they go into the game, and if the ball doesn’t feel perfect, they can throw it out. There is always the possibility that balls can lose air due to the conditions.”

What will happen in this case if the New England Patriots are found guilty of using shady and illegal antics during their AFC Championship game is unclear.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the New England Patriots were sanctioned for unethical behaviors.

In 2007, NFL Commissioner Robert Goodell fined coach Bill Belichick $500,000 and the New England Patriots $250,000 after they were busted recording the New York Jets’ hand signals.

At that time, they were stripped of their first-round draft pick.

However, some are wondering whether or not this behavior in their AFC Championship match against the Indianapolis Colts calls for a more SERIOUS punishment…like the surrender of their AFC spot to the Colts at the Super Bowl.

Of course, a number of Indianapolis Colts are clamoring for “justice” to be served in the form of a free ride to the big game off the back of a major scandal.

Speaking as a Colts fan, I just can’t do it.

I cannot fix my mouth to demand my team be handed a Super Bowl spot that I feel the Indianapolis Colts would be the first organization to admit they didn’t earn.

Deflated balls or no deflated balls, the Colts lost that game on Sunday.
In a masochistic sort of way, I’m almost flattered that the Patriots would have thought they needed help to beat Indianapolis after looking at that sad display.

I love my team and I stand behind the Indianapolis Colts win or lose. So naturally I cringe at the idea that we “lost fair and square,” which is why the Colts apparently deserve to take the AFC Super Bowl spot away from the Patriots.

Ethically speaking, we can certainly demonstrate that the loss meant there was no funny business.

As for the Patriots, if they are found guilty, it would once again demonstrate that this is a “win-at-all-costs” franchise that has no concept of what sportsmanship really means.


Perhaps therein lies the danger of letting such a team represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

However, I am uncomfortable with a team that was quite obviously defeated being gifted a Super Bowl spot.

Yes, even if that team is a team I support.

Alternatives? Well, I would honestly prefer a do-over, a re-match if you will.

The game could be held at Lucas Oil Stadium, in front of screaming Colts fans and a sea of blue. If the Indianapolis Colts couldn’t make it happen under those favorable circumstances, it would be safe to say it wasn’t meant to be.

I guess I both truly loathe the New England Patriots and have too much pride in my Indianapolis Colts ever to accept or demand any “freebies” from them.

What say you NFL fans?

[Image Credit: Indianapolis Colts Twitter]