Bonnie And Clyde 2015: Fugitive Teens Caught In Florida

Dubbed as Kentucky’s Bonnie and Clyde, fugitive teens Dalton Hayes, 18, and Cheyenne Phillips, 13, have finally been arrested after a 14-day-manhunt. New York Daily News reports that the two teens were apprehended early Sunday in Panama City, Florida, after the duo had managed to elude capture for over two weeks. Interestingly enough, the two were taken in by police without incident, and reportedly told officials that they “wanted to go home.” This brings an end to the anxious search for the young pair, but is the case over?

Police have been on high alert through multiple states over the course of 14 days, even going as far as to warn the public that they may be armed and dangerous. This is due to the teens’ increasingly bizarre behavior as their disappearance became more public. They reportedly disappeared on January 3rd, making sure to steal multiple vehicles along the way. Police warned the public that some of the vehicles that were stolen contained guns, which made the teens armed. They also reportedly wrote bad checks on their trip to keep themselves in gas and food and other essentials.

Previous reports by New York Daily News revealed that the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde were spotted at a Walmart in Manning, South Carolina, earlier in the week. It was determined that they were heading south after a vehicle they had stolen was recovered in Georgia. They stole another vehicle after ditching this one — possibly after their sighting had been seen in the media. The next vehicle they stole was reportedly full of guns. The vehicle was a silver 2009 Toyota Tundra that was apparently owned by a firefighter. It’s not being reported exactly how the truck was stolen. At the time that the theft was reported, officials did not have a clue what direction they were heading from there (Georgia). Apparently, they continued to drive south. Prior to finding the two teens, police confirmed that Hayes was only facing charges of custodial interference. Phillips was not facing any charges at the time. It is not known at this time if these details have changed.

ABC News reports that the two fugitive teens were found sleeping in the truck that they had stolen in Georgia. They were parked behind an IHOP restaurant. At this time, a mugshot of Hayes has been provided to the media, but no updated photo of the 13-year-old girl is available. Police have acknowledged that this case ended in the best possible way imaginable. Even in previous reports, fears were expressed that the duo could be dangerous. It’s fortunate that their little spree didn’t end the way it did for the real Bonnie and Clyde!


[Photo credit: Panama City Beach Police Department mugshot]