‘Biggest Loser’ Secrets Exposed: 8-Hour Workouts, 1K Calories Daily, Severe Shin Splints And Bloody Urine

There’s a new article from the New York Post that’s getting plenty of attention because of all the horrible tactics exposed from the popular weight loss show called the Biggest Loser. Called “The brutal secrets behind The Biggest Loser,” the exposé goes on to reveal troubling statistics and claims from Biggest Loser participants – folks who’ve appeared on the show that has been on TV for more than a decade, since 2004, and will experience its 16th season finale episode – airing live on January 29.

Biggest Loser former contestants like Kai Hibbard give their opinion of the show, a woman who claimed the NBC show caused her to have an eating disorder, reports ABC News.

“The whole f**king show is a fat-shaming disaster that I’m embarrassed to have participated in.”

With reports of unhealthy eating plans based on which companies are sponsoring the Biggest Loser at the moment, to shockingly low 1,000-calorie-per-day or less intake, coupled with workouts that last for hours upon hours each day, it’s no wonder that this backlash against the Biggest Loser has caught the eye of online readers. Kai speaks of bleeding through her shoes for weeks, of one Biggest Loser contestant who had blood in his urine and more troubling results.

Beyond unhealthy eating and exercising habits, Hibbard charges the Biggest Loser show employees with spying on their contestants to the point of taking an inordinate amount of control over them, so that they wouldn’t speak with outsiders and give away Biggest Loser secrets, as are spilling out now.

“The hotel will report to them if you leave your room. They assume you’re going to talk to other contestants. The camera light on my MacBook would sometimes come on when I hadn’t checked in. It was like Big Brother was always watching you.”

Initially, reports of a show like the Biggest Loser protecting their process and secrets from the competition sounds normal – however, when Hibbard describes the lengths some Biggest Loser contestants went to in order to protect their position on the show, despite having a sick family member, the desperation becomes more apparent.

“I know that one of the contestants’ children became very ill and was in the ICU. He was allowed to talk to his family — but he didn’t want to leave, because the show would have been done with him.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, fitness trainer Anna Kournikova walked away from the Biggest Loser, with the popular Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels also quitting the show several times after voicing her concerns about the manner in which the contestants were being treated.

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